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The District 5260 Microcredit Task Force was formed to as an education and empowerment Committee of the District Board to advance the cause of funding microcredit projects in the developing world. The Honduras Economic and Community Development Program (a ten phase initiative that in 2018 is funding phase V) is an example of what the MTF was formed to coordinate. Throughout the district (and now internationally) clubs are donating funds to support the small business owners in Honduras that would otherwise lack access to capital to grow their businesses. This graphic image sets out the process being used in this highly successful project, having raised more than one million dollars. Click the graphic to enlarge.

New Strategic Plan

Updated 23 February 2018

See a PDF version at:



Strategic Plan 2011 - 2018

June 2011 - After three years of growing microcredit conferences in Calgary with larger audiences and better production, it is wise for the D5360 Microcredit Task Force to build its team of volunteers that want to participate in this exciting annual event. Additionally volunteers are needed for the creation and development of the three other areas identified in the 2011 Strategic Plan review: Website; Sustainable project; and Public Relations. The brief description that follows will help you decide where you want to participate. Rotarians are to chair the committees but otherwise, help from all is welcome.

1. Annual D5360 Conference Committee

Overall Conference Committee (includes conference/vice chairs & promotion/venue /house chairs, & Treasurer)

a) coordinate various committees - shared responsibility; & b) host the conference - Chairman & Vice Chairman; & c) coordinate fundraising for paid promotion - Treasurer; & d) prepare & submit to MTF a plan with time lines and banking plans - Treasurer; & e) set out fees for a) conference; b) meals; c) booths; & d) sponsor's - Treasurer; & f) set up a Dedicated Planning Committee with longer term input on a) venue; b) entrance fee (meals,speaker's gifts, etc) speaker travel & accommodation costs etc.

Promotion & Marketing Sub-Committee (Chair and workers as required); &

a) establish a plan with time lines and a budget; & b) identify & pursue sponsorships; & c) work with MTF web site committee to secure on line conference registrations & payments; & d) design booth layout plan and sell booth spaces. Venue / Speaker's Sub-Committee (Chair and workers as required) a) propose possible venues based on group decision on probable attendance; & b) canvas for speakers; & c) secure Master of Ceremonies.

House - Logistics Sub-Committee (Chair and workers as required)

a) deal with facility for arrangements including: access, meals, refreshments, audio equipment, conference greeters, parking and parking personnel for traffic coordination; & b) booth coordination including placement and supply of electricity.

2.Website Committee

a) Strike a committee to expand conference existing website to include info on MTF; & b) integrate background information about the D5360 Microcredit Task Force, past conferences, etc.; & c) Load information on the MTF volunteers: chair, vice chair, treasurer, conference chair, etc.; & d) Include MTF strategic planning committee members & their mandate; & e) report regularly to the executive on progress in achieving goals; & f) strike and have approved by MTF a working budget; & g) add relevant links, blogs/social media and such other interactive tools as appropriate.

3. Initiate / Sustain Project Committee - An annual initiative of the MTF to coordinate fund raising.

a) Strike a committee to identify and fund an annual microcredit project; & b) be creative - including the MTF website - to develop inter-club support for annual project; & c) investigate the possibility of a familiarization tour to the location of the annual project; & d) work with a lead club to complete applications for CIP or other matching grants.

4. Public Relations Committee

a) Strike a committee for effective communication of MTF initiatives; & b) coordinate a district microcredit promotion program; & c) promote speakers at Rotary club's meetings and events; & d) produce regular contributing articles to the monthly DG newsletter; & e) communicate to Rotarians & clubs the new funding models from TRF for pilot districts.

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