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About the District 5360 Microcredit Task Force

The Ideals of Microcredit

To alleviate poverty by providing small business loans to individuals in emerging impoverished Nations. A tool to help individuals to develop small businesses in order to assist in lifting themselves out of poverty with dignity and pride.

MTF Mission Statement

To promote the ideals of Microcredit and to encourage practical support from among the Rotarians and Rotary Clubs of District 5360


To become a 'Centre of Knowledge' on the topic of Microcredit.  To disseminate this knowledge to the Rotary Clubs within the District

To be a catalyst for involving Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in the District in support for Microcredit.  Specifically:

1. To establish a programme of Youth Corps volunteers for on-site surveys and audits.  Work with the Clubs toward a target of 6 young people per Rotary year.  To involve the Interact Clubs in the District.  In place and functioning by July 1st 2008

2. To encourage individual Rotary Clubs in the District to donate to the Rotary Foundation fund for Microcredit.  A target of 4 Clubs in the District making donations in excess of $10,000 per Rotary year.  In place and functioning by July 1st 2008

Action Plan

Establish a network within the District to promote Microcredit.  A District level Task Force including a representative from each of the Clubs.  Functioning on behalf of the District World Community Service Committee. In place and functioning by January 1st 2007.  Responsibility — Wally Gardiner, Chair, District Microcredit Committee.

Establish a Marketing Plan for Microcredit in the District.  To include provision for a District Conference on Microcredit. Plan to be implemented by the Task Force. In place and functioning by January 1st 2007.  Responsibility

Establish a District Website for Microcredit to inform, motivate and educate Rotarians in District 5360.  A link from the District Governor's Website to this new Microcredit website. In place and functioning by January 1st 2007.  An ongoing function. Responsibility

Establish an electronic library of up to date information regarding Microcredit activities, publicized and available to all Rotarians in the District.  Access through the District Microcredit Website.  Initial system in place and functioning by July 1st 2007.  An ongoing function.  Responsibility

Publish a regular District Microcredit newsletter.  To be sent directly to Club Presidents and District Officials and also to be available on the District Microcredit Website.  To inform, motivate, educate and empower Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in the District on Microcredit matters. Publishing to commence March 1st 2007.  Responsibility

Establish a 'Speakers Bureau' of Rotarians and others available for speaking to Rotary Clubs in the District on the topic of Microcredit.  To include celebrities as appropriate.  Initial Bureau in place and functioning by July 1st 2007. Responsibility

Establish a network of contacts outside the District (both Rotary and non-Rotary who are knowledgeable on the topic of Microcredit and who can provide information that is germane to the District's objectives. An ongoing function.  Initial network identified by July 1st 2007.  Responsibility

Identify funding to support the administrative activities of the District Microcredit Committee and the Rotary Club representatives.  Budget established and funding provided by January 1st 2007. Responsibility- PDG Steve Rickard

Prepare a Strategic Plan for this District Microcredit initiative.  Plan prepared and endorsed by Microcredit Task Force and by District Development Society. Approved by District Governor and District Management Committee.  By January 1st 2007.  Responsibility & mdash; PDG Steve Rickard.

Required Resources

Funding as identified above

A District Microcredit Committee comprising:
  • Chair

  • Vice Chair

  • Recording Secretary

  • Treasurer

  • PDG Steve Rickard — Ex Officio

  • Marketing Director

  • Membership

  • Technology

  • Information

  • Up to 2 members at Large

Sub Committees as appropriate

A network of representatives from each Rotary Club in the District available to promote and support Microcredit.


An organizational structure fully established and functional that will be a model for other Rotary Districts to follow.
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