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Update from New York
316_848073482_3.jpgHi Rotarians and friends: New York, Friday November 2, 2012.  They say that if you get handed a lemon, then have a positive attitude and make lemonade.  So that is what we have been doing the last couple of days here in New York, since some of our meetings have been either...3279 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: News
The 2012 Calgary Microcredit Conference - An Event You Don't Want to Miss
293_500878386_3.jpgWhile microcredit is fairly well established in the international realm, microcredit has spread to North American communities Canada and the USA. Why you might ask, would the wealthiest nations on earth require small loans and related financial services? That is but one question...3326 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Microcredit
Nepal Greenhouse Pilot Project Progress Report 1
276_915754689_3.jpgWe kicked off the Nepal greenhouse pilot project in 2 areas, Khumbu and Humla, on 1 July. KHUMBU Our partner in the Khumbu is GERES, an established French NGO who have been successfully building thermal mass greenhouses in Ladakh India for 15...3372 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Social Development
Ripple Effect Program - ESPANA SCHOOL in El Asintal, Retaluleu, Guatemala!
275_597924285_3.jpgThe classroom construction is finished! Three new classrooms and washrooms (nearing completion) for the ESPANA School in El Asintal, Retalhuleu, Guatemala are being constructed in this community. The Rotary Clubs of Regina Eastview and Regina South are the lead clubs in this...3374 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Education
Ripple Effect wins coveted selection as
274_920474741_3.jpgRipple Effect - Guatemala, District 5550's signature project has just been informed that it has been selected to be one of eight "service spot-light projects featured at the 2012-13 Zone 24/32 Institute." This year's Zone 24/32 Institute takes place in Vancouver BC and runs...3374 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Education
Nepal Solar Passive Greenhouse Pilot Project
268_154361459_3.jpgMy name is Tom Wagner, a PhD Civil Engineer from Stanford University (1975), green building consultant, who designed and built a solar passive house in 1982 in Palo Alto, CA. I have been trekking in Nepal for the last four years and have grown very attached to this country, its...3403 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Food
Rain Water Harvesting - D3170, India
264_286617861_3.jpgDue to extreme pressure of life the water table is depleting every day and a lot of water which could otherwise be used gets dirty and becomes unusable when it comes into contact with drain water. In schools we see water being wasted when children drink directly from tap or fill their...3422 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Water
Rotary Global Run4Water
263_765581077_3.jpgClose access to clean water helps reduce poverty; it's as simple as that.  Healthy adults and children are better able to work and can spend more time in school, instead of fetching water from far away.  Our mission is to help needy people in the world have clean drinking water,...3426 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Water
Rotary Books for the World - Update
256_966264671_3.jpgHere is an update as of May 2012 of Rotary Books for the World. Books for the World ships textbooks, reference books, and library books which are discarded by schools, libraries, and individuals to Rotarian operated distribution facilities in selected developing countries.  The...3446 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Literacy
World Bank - Food Price Watch 2011
211_658376216_3.jpgIn August 2011 the World Bank released a report on the status of commodity food prices covering different global markets. It shows food prices 33% higher than 12 months prior and close to 2008 levels. Perhaps ironically, those food commodity prices have risen drastically more in...3607 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Food
Rotarians take action on literacy
212_940765539_3.jpgAs of this year, a new Rotarian Action Group was formed to combat illiteracy around the world. While the RAG is new, the efforts within Rotary toward improving global literacy has been going strong for many years.  For virtually the whole of Rotary's century of existence, clubs...3611 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Literacy
Blanca Hilda School project - The Ripple Effect
213_252546681_3.jpgBlanca Hilda School Inauguration - October 17, 2011 The inauguration at Blanca Hilda School began at 7:30 a.m. with a breakfast at the school. The tables were set up under tarps as it was a rainy morning. Teachers, the Principal, 11 Rotarians & spouses from Rotary Club...3631 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Literacy
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