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Contributed by: BChinnery
Honduras Economic & Community Development (HECD) - OIC, IDH & Maria Elena & Arnoldo Alvarez
433_833899762_3.jpgFor years, Jannalee Anderson has been traveling from Canada to Honduras with a group from her church, bringing medical supplies for the rural doctors and visiting with the Honduran people in the villages. She is a friendly, caring woman with a soft heart and a great deal of compassion for...2215 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
The Honduras Economic & Community Development Story - Introducing the Characters
432_270341820_3.jpgIn order to enjoy and appreciate a good story, we identify with the characters and get to know them. Honduras is a character of it's own. A beautifully rugged Central American country. Situated just south of Mexico and Guatemala, it is a stunningly Caribbean, Spanish laced, tropical...2216 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
The Mid-Point Report of a Microcredit Project
431_780880557_3.jpgAs the Honduras Economic & Community Development Team (HECD) moves ahead with future planning phases in Honduras, and another wonderful trip through the country, it's important that we continue to stay the course with the existing project, a $135,000 microcredit loan pool and operations...2237 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
What are the Expected Project Timelines?
416_249834007_3.jpgIt's not unusual to find that parts of the application process take longer than expected, including the signing of documents and the wiring and transfer of funds. As information is gathered (Community Needs Assessment, financial statements, application details) you may begin to feel...2237 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
Starting the Global Grant Application Process
415_284718990_3.jpgWhen it comes to filling out forms and applications, my recommendation is to first print out a copy of all related documents from www.rotary.org and review them with your team members as a starting point. The documentation will clearly guide you in a step by step fashion. I highly...2351 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
How the Microcredit Process Works & What is an MFI?
414_732988304_3.jpgThe idea behind an ongoing microcredit project, is that the funds are loaned out, often in amounts as small as $100 to $500, paid back with interest within a short time period (often 3 to 6 months), and loaned out again, creating the successful, sustainable cycle. A portion of the loan...2351 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
Communicating With Your Host Club & Joining an Insight Trip
408_716752952_3.jpgA critical step for a successful microfinance project is to have strong, ongoing communications with your host Rotary club from the beginning, throughout the life of the project, and beyond.  In order to arrange an insight trip, it's generally expected that your base financial...2378 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
Finding A Microfinance Project & Making Connections
407_880517058_3.jpgIf you're new to microfinance projects, my recommendation is to discuss with your club members about their past project experience first. Create and review a list of successful projects and contact people, including their current roles and inquire if it's best to add to an existing...2378 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
An Introduction to Taking On a Microfinance Project ? Where Do I Start?
406_722571637_3.jpgAs a new Rotarian interested in international projects, and specifically microfinance, I was curious how people became involved and signed up on the insight trips I had heard about, specifically connected with microfinance, and how could I help to make the project come to life? It was...2378 days ago by BChinnery, Category: Microcredit
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