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Contributed by: CMC-2011
Maintaining Microcredit Relevance
437_395084116_3.jpgIt is always encouraging to see subsequent generations carrying on ideas that had merit in their day but needed to have newer ideas to remain relevant. In this case the Calgary Microcredit Conference held over the last five years (and deferred to the Social Enterprise World...2306 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Soul of the Next Economy Forum 2014
436_834876325_3.jpgThe Soul of the Next Economy Forum brings together leaders and future leaders to learn, network, share best practices and discuss future directions for sustainable development, corporate social responsibility and social enterprise, both in Canada and internationally. Super early bird...2311 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Events
Microfinance & Social Business - Upcoming Opportunities In Calgary
393_155066754_3.jpgFor the past 5 years in October, RAGM and the Calgary Microcredit Conference have brought you a world-class line-up of speakers in an effort to increase awareness and engage individuals in the power of microfinance. As interest ebbs and flows and the focus of both Rotarians and...2606 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Calgary Microcredit Conference Video
326_371890756_3.jpgIf we had the length of service plus the credentials, and the passion of the Founder of FINCA, we may be as quotable as John Hatch. More to the point we would have the credibility when citing statistics. John said at the Calgary Microcredit Conference and is quoted in the attached video...2904 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Calgary Microcredit Conference attracts like-minded people
320_162933508_3.jpgThe 5th annual Microcredit Conference was held at the Danish-Canadian Club in Calgary on Oct. 13. This was attended by 160 people. The first speaker was Sarah Arthurs talking about the United Nations International Year of Co-operatives.  "Co-operative enterprises build a...2914 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Microcredit in the developed world - What is the difference?
318_168535179_3.jpgBy way of a brief summary of the "domestic" theme of the Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012, the overarching finding was quite evident: for microfinance to succeed domestically, it must tap into exactly the same socio-cultural phenomenon as makes it successful internationally....2916 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012 Wrap-up
311_866424719_3.jpgIt is the pleasant task of the Conference Chair to thank the folks that made the 2012 Calgary Microcredit Conference a success and perhaps point out a few pertinent highlights. More than one participant has said that they felt the conference met or exceeded their expectations and...2917 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Girls in Uganda have reason to hope for a better future! FINCA StarGirls!
305_366750240_3.jpgIn Uganda, girls as young as age 10 can now save money they earn safely and responsibly through FINCA's StarGirls program, helping to ensure they can afford the education they need for a brighter future. Launched as a pilot program in 2009, StarGirls has proven so successful that there...2943 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Innovative ways to enable women to move themselves out of poverty
280_684824784_3.jpgDr. Cecilia del Castillo presenting to the Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012 on October 13. In the Philippines, 1 out of 3 people live in poverty. NWTF Inc. led by Dr. Cecilia del Castillo has been making headway in its vision and mission to reduce the incidence of poverty...2946 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
When it hurts too much to hope
301_862003061_3.jpgFabio Carballo, a constitutional lawyer from Costa Rica uses this phrase to describes the situation he uncovered while providing microcredit loans through a Rotary Foundation Grant several decades ago. He noted that mothers, before microcredit often rose marginally out of poverty only to...2949 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Calgary Microcredit Conference 2012
266_486623287_3.jpgby Steve Rickard From the position of Conference Chair, I can say that in 2012 our conference committee looked for prominent speakers who are able to deliver both an informative and diversified microcredit conference program. The happy results are our offering of quality...3044 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
Fifth Annual Microcredit Conference in Calgary
267_394283877_3.jpgOn October 13th, the fifth annual Microcredit conference will be held in Calgary. Our district is a leader in this movement and we have many Rotarians dedicated to the concept. Rotary's motto is "Service above self" and this year our theme is "Peace through Service". The promotion of...3048 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Microcredit
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