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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationViewed 187498 · Comts 0
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Contributed by: RAGM
2012 Toronto Microfinance Symposium - Oct. 16
309_801985157_3.jpg TORONTO, Oct. 3, 2012 /CNW/- Canada's Premier Microfinance Event, Toronto International Microfinance Summit announced today it is collaborating with Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, to present the 2012 TORONTO MICROFINANCE SYMPOSIUM: Why cooperatives and...2899 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Barrington Area Retailer Benefits from Rotary Micro-Loan program
300_372609615_3.jpgBarrington business owner Todd Rhodes is thankful to the Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club's (BBRC) MicroLoan program that helped his rock 'n' roll-influenced general store succeed in today's tough economic climate.  "The MicroLoan I received a year ago for Grassroots helped us achieve our...2906 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
299_876054710_3.jpgDid your Monday get away from you, and woke up to realize that you missed the broadcast premier of Half of the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide? If so, you have another chance to follow authors Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn as they are joined...2908 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Microfinance Leaders Launch Global Appeal For Responsible Industry Practices
296_492794619_3.jpgContinuing our conversation on the microfinance industry's focus on responsible practices we bring you an update from the Convergences 2015 World Forum.  On September 20th at the Convergences 2015 World Forum in Paris, microfinance leaders unveiled the "Global Appeal...2914 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Learning from a Heretic
295_687171247_3.jpgWhen members of the RAGM Board of Directors attended the 2012 Global Microcredit Summit we were greeted by a breadth of sessions addressing how to measure the impact of microcredit and microfinance programs. These initiatives are meant to ensure accuracy, accountability, and transparency...2917 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
The Rotary Foundation Funds Microcredit Grant for Local Job Creation
294_380381425_3.jpgThe economy and job creation are on the top of everyone's list of hot topics whether they are talking about national, state or very local issues. However, no one is talking about how The Rotary Foundation is providing part of the solution to one of the most significant problems of the...2921 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Creating Your Microcredit Story ---The Power of Story Telling
290_747785939_3.jpg"Stories matter. Many stories matter. Stories have been used to dispossess and to malign, but stories can also be used to empower and to humanize. Stories can break the dignity of a people, but stories can also repair that broken dignity." - Chimamanda Adichie If you have been...2930 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Philanthropedia Ranks Top 10 International Microfinance Non-Profits - 2012
287_217390431_3.jpgWhile there are many great organizations working worldwide to eradicate poverty, Philanthropedia, has conducted a survey to assess non-profit international microfinance organizations. Through interviewing experts in the field i.e. "foundation professionals, academics, researchers,...2934 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Recent News on The Grameen Bank
277_774600717_3.jpgAs has been widely reported, the Government of Bangladesh, led by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has appointed a commission to look into the operations of Grameen Bank, founded by Muhammad Yunus. As you may remember Prof. Yunus spoke at both this year's Rotary International Plenary Session...2959 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Peter Diamandis: Abundance is our future
273_552107228_3.jpgIf you have not heard of Ted Talks, now is the time to get introduced! With a tag line of "Ideas Worth Spreading" the Ted Talks are both engaging and inspiring. Hopefully you will find the one below from Peter Diamandis to be both! From http://www.ted.co...2976 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
Microcredit - More than a Loan
271_540456294_3.jpgThis year at the Rotary International Convention in Bangkok, we were honored to welcome Mr. Sathianathan Devaraj, the Founder and Chairman of Grama Vidiyal to speak on the RAGM panel. After an inspiring overview of the comprehensive work of Grama Vidiyal, there was no denying that...2979 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
The formation of RAGM
226_792734940_3.jpgHow did RAGM get formed? When did it happen and what was the original idea? Had the Rotarians involved in forming the group worked in ECD before? Rotary International began to approve Global Networking Groups or what has become known as Rotarian Action Groups in 2005. They were...3016 days ago by RAGM, Category: Microcredit
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