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New Year's Message from Bill Fitzsimmons
576_193478213.jpg January 1st, 2018, marks the half way point in this Rotary year. I write to extend on behalf our entire team of Honduras Economic and Community Development Program volunteers,  a Happy New Year and our congratulations to you for your help in raising $55,000 to...8 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
Short History of a Rotary Microcredit Program
577_921424176.jpgA vision is how this Rotary project started six years ago as most Rotary projects do - with a vision to transform the recipient's lives by freeing them from endless cycles of poverty. But how to make a difference? The difference is made through small...12 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
Calgary Firm invests in Honduras
567_563690344.JPGLocal (Calgary) Coffee Roastery Phil & Sebastian Purchased its Own Coffee Farm in Honduras More than 4,000 trees are planted there and the coffee beans will be ready for roasting in 2022. Avenue Calgary By Danyael Halprin On their quest to...16 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
Education Finance (EduFin) with Opportunity International
574_403249263.JPGOpportunity receives $1 million for Education Finance The first open-platform credit model for education lending will be funded by The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and developed for Uganda and other nations. CHICAGO - October 11, 2016 - Opportunity International...22 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
What is EduFinance - Opportunity International
575_243418534.JPGEduFinance is our unique approach to tackling the global education crisis, using microfinance to connect private sector finance with education in developing countries. As a non-profit organisation we facilitate funding and provide technical assistance to microfinance institutions...22 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
UN Sustainable Development Goals and RAGM
573_670366234.JPG RAGM members are encouraged to visit the UN Sustainable Development Goals (Global Goals) - online platform - where 17 Goals are spelled out along with a listing of over 3,000 partnership programs aimed at achieving the 2030 targets. https://...25 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Toronto International Rotary Convention
572_466291798.JPGToronto Convention: June 23rd to 27th, 2018 Visit us at our Booth in the House of Friendship at the Toronto Convention to learn more about how RAGM can help you and your Rotary Club improve the economic wellbeing of people in your local community and in communities...26 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
President Larry's New Year's Message
571_462304168.JPGAll the Best for a Wonderful 2018 New Year There are two topics of discussion which stand out as I write this New Year's message from the desk of the RAGM President.  One is the continued efforts by our Rotary Foundation to increase the prominence of Economic & Community...26 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Community Development Projects - Lessons Learned
569_594479189.JPGWhat's Worked and What's Not Worked Over the past few years, the Rotary Club of Ojai (California District 5240 USA) has successfully completed economic and community development global grants in two very different areas of the world. Each of these grants was different and yet...31 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
2018 Insight Trip to Honduras
568_254852453.JPGDiscover the need - Apply the solution Trip dates April 9-14, 2018 Instituto Para el Desarrollo Hondureno (IDH), has been working as a microfinance not-for-profit organization for 40 years serving poor entrepreneurs with loans and training in nine provinces...82 days ago by Steve, Category: Microcredit
Empowering Entrepreneures In Your Community
566_683576954.JPGEmpower Entrepreneurs in Your Community By Past District Governor Matthew Kane, member of the Rotary Club of North Raleigh, North Carolina, USA In many communities in the United States and across the world, minorities and low-income entrepreneurs lack the...90 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
Insight Trip - Anthony's Perspective
565_353539519.JPGWhy is it necessary to visit Microcredit Projects? Helping people achieve their dreams. By Anthony Tonkinson -Calgary For me this was the highlight of a very emotional tour. How do people in very poor circumstances take a few dollars,...110 days ago by SDR, Category: Microcredit
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