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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationViewed 354446 · Comts 0
Polio vaccination campaign targets 85 million African childrenViewed 153175 · Comts 0
Los Altos Rotary Project Works to Prevent HIV Infected ChildrenViewed 22161 · Comts 0
The Rain Man of Canara CoastViewed 20258 · Comts 0
Integration in Central America?
669_823645856.jpgEs hora de relanzar la integracion centroamericana - Dionisio Gutierrez (It's time to relaunch Central American integration) By Jose Barrera - strategyynegocios.net Editor's note: This important question about an European Union type of integration amongst...710 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
Rotary and Savings Groups in Central America
667_855913109.jpgHow Rotary Clubs Can Empower and Help Bring Prosperity to Central America's Poorest Women Request: We are seeking $40,000 in funding from one or a consortium of Rotary Clubs interesting in reaching village women living in the most impoverished...719 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
The Future of Money
660_799408117.pngMobile Money - The evolution of  M-Pesa Editor's Note  While staying at a Bed and Breakfast in Kenya, Nairobi in 2010 we witnessed the power and ease of mobile money. It involved the costless transfer of Cell Phone Airtime. Peter Diamandis, in the...752 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
Increase Connectors: Create Peace
659_702674176.jpg What is required to create greater peace? Increase connectors. Decrease dividers. That is what is required to create greater peace. This approach, embodied so eloquently and fully by the words and work of Mam Inday Irene Santiago, reminds us of the simplicity of...771 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
Sustainable Development Rotary & the UN
658_447018252.jpgEconomic Development and the Sustainable Development Goals By Mel Wilson, PhD Whether talking about a country, a region or a local community, the concept of economic development is generally defined as intentional improvements in the economic well-being and quality...774 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
Rotary and UN's Sustainable Development Goals
654_519677215.jpgUnited Nations -  During a historic summit in 2015 they adopted the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is an agenda for people, for the planet, for prosperity, for peace and for partnerships. It is about transforming our world by eradicating poverty and...816 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
Building Peace and Community Development
653_953989823.jpgRotarians have always been peace builders.  As early as 1917, Paul Harris challenged Rotarians to talk about peace noting that "it takes more moral courage to speak about peace than it does to talk about war".  Through Rotary's history - our presence at the...817 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
Build Entrepreneurship in Your Community
651_606835418.jpgOften we Rotarians prefer to focus on smaller club projects that we can complete in an afternoon or a Saturday morning.  We jump in, solve a problem, and then we're focusing on the next small project. But other times, we identify a big challenge and decide to take a...818 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
What is the real purpose of a business?
649_525957054.jpgMore than the Triple Bottom Line What most of us learned in business school was the premise that the primary obligation of a business is to maximize profits and shareholder value for its shareholders or investors. But are corporations or is a business legally...835 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
They Already Have Answers, Just Ask
643_112830426.jpg A Commonsense Approach to Building Local Economies at Home and Abroad Overview: What if there was a new initiative based on a common sense approach to international and domestic development, based on a simple idea: build on the savvy problem solving...879 days ago by SDR, Category: Economy
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