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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationViewed 76440 · Comts 0
Polio vaccination campaign targets 85 million African childrenViewed 33913 · Comts 0
Calls Grow for a New Microloans ModelViewed 13588 · Comts 0
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Wangari Maathai Remembered
297_786061763_3.jpgWangari Maathai Remembered (4/1/1940 - 9/25/2011) One year ago, Kenyan environmentalist Wangari Maathai passed away in Nairobi, after undergoing treatment for cancer. Professor Maathai was the 2004 recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize - the first African woman to earn the...2582 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
RFPD Announces New Board Members & Country Chairs
284_323781490_3.jpgDr. Himansu Basu, RFPD Country Chair for Great Britain & Ireland, now joins as Medical Director Himansu, a Senior Consultant Obstetrician Gynecologist in Kent, England has held senior academic and executive positions in  a number of  Medical organizations, including...2597 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Maternal Mortality Reduction Programme- CALMED Model
291_732147375_3.jpgby Dr. Himansu Basu, RFPD Medical Director and Country Chair-Great Britain&Ireland Vocational Training Team (VTT) Opportunity for Training the Trainer Model for lowering Maternal Mortality - CALMED-Collaborative Action in Lowering Maternity...2597 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Message from Dr. Rekha Shetty- RFPD Chairperson
288_385521941_3.jpgBy Dr. Rekha Shetty, RFPD Chairperson Our Action Group is Rotary's resource for the Area of Focus, "Maternal and Child Health." Mothers all over the world are wondering how to feed, clothe and educate the 200,000 children who are being added to the world's dining table...2601 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Human Population Dynamics- An Inescapable Reality
281_456363413_3.jpgBy Tony Hampson-Tindale, RFPD Country Chair-South Africa Borrowing the words of RFPD Chairman Harald Marschner "Population growth is the most crucial obstacle to the improvement of many countries.  RFPD addresses the causes of the problems rather than the...2612 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
2012 World Population Data Sheet
283_433224307_3.jpg(July 2012) Nearly all future population growth will be in the world's less developed countries, and the poorest of these countries will see the greatest percentage increase. In contrast, developed countries as a whole will experience little or no population growth in this century, and...2618 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Rotarian Action Group Expands Maternal Health Project in Nigeria
279_201344966_3.jpgBy Vanessa N. Glavinskas In Nigeria, one out of every 18 women dies as a result of childbirth. The country has the second-highest maternal mortality rate in the world.  That's why the Rotarian Action Group for Population Growth and Sustainable Development targeted the...2618 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Family Planning Center & Nursery Opens in Maadi,Cairo
282_906707922_3.jpgOn June 24, 2012, the Rotary Club of Cairo Sarayat El Maadi with the support of RFPD, celebrated the opening of The Family Planning Center and Nursery. The center opened in a hospital in Maadi, Cairo, called "Mabara Hospital". The Family Planning Center was established in one of the...2618 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Clergy Forum: United Nations Conference leaves attendees with more questions than answers
278_451412783_3.jpgBy Judy Prather, Ph.D.  My husband and I have just returned from 10 days in Rio de Janeiro attending the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, popularly shortened to Rio+20 as it occurred two decades after the U.N. Conference on Environment and Development held...2623 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
World Population Day 2012
269_459754255_3.jpgIn 2011 United Nations made it official:  world population crossed the 7 billion mark on Oct. 31, 2011, just 12 years after the 6 billion mark was attained. But there was no ribbon-cutting or popping of champagne corks to commemorate the occasion. In a world suffering from climate change,...2660 days ago by Lori, Category: Population
Fighting Climate Change With Family Planning
265_351952605_3.jpgby Jake Abrahamson Environmentalists are so focused on fighting the dirty-energy juggernaut lately that they sometimes forget about the fact that the world's population is growing by about 220,000 people per day. You read that right: 220,000 per day.  We hit the 7 billion...2685 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
RFPD Events at the Bangkok Convention
243_273922549_3.jpgRFPD Booth # 302 Maternal & Child Health Booth #203 Saturday May 5-Wednesday May 9, House of Friendship IMPACT Exhibition & Convention Center RFPD Breakout Session "Preventing Maternal & Infant Mortalities"- What Rotarians Can Do presented by Dolapo...2735 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
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