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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationViewed 334668 · Comts 0
Polio vaccination campaign targets 85 million African childrenViewed 145000 · Comts 0
Los Altos Rotary Project Works to Prevent HIV Infected ChildrenViewed 21471 · Comts 0
The Rain Man of Canara CoastViewed 18598 · Comts 0
Rotary International President Elect Gary Huang Addresses RFPD Membership at Annual General Meeting in Lisbon
391_624033768_3.jpg"People say that there are as many reasons to be in Rotary, as there are Rotarians. Everyone has their own reason why they joined Rotary, and their own reasons why they stay. I think this is also true for Rotary conventions. Everyone has their own reasons, why they like to come....2933 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
RFPD and MCH Area of Focus - VTT
390_258853647_3.jpgRFPD's role as a Rotary resource for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) received a significant leap forward at the RI Convention in Lisbon. Prof. Hamid Rushwan, Chief Executive of RFPD's collaborator, FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics), heaped praise on the...2933 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
2013 Nafis Sadik Award for Courage
389_399899111_3.jpgMonsignor Prof. Obiora Ike presented with Nafis Sadiq Award At this year's Annual General Meeting in Lisbon, RFPD's members and board decided that Prof. Obiora Ike is the best choice for this year's Nafis Sadiq Award. On the occasion of his visit to Nigeria at the beginning of...2933 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
A Letter From Our Chairperson
387_701887501_3.jpgDear RFPD Family, The RFPD Annual General Meeting, or AGM, was held in a room facing the ocean on a beautiful full moon night. Over a hundred members were present and stayed on for hours afterwards planning projects, and discussing RFPD goals. RI President Nominee Gary Huang delivered...2933 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Rotary Project In Nigeria is a MASTERPIECE
388_629526932_3.jpgROTARY PROJECT IN NIGERIA IS A "MASTERPIECE" Professor Hamid Rushwan, Dr. Rekha Shetty and Buck Lindsay enjoy dinner at the RFPD Annual General Meeting that took place on June 23rd at Hotel Tivoli Oriente At the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon the CEO of FIGO, Prof. Hamid Rushwan,...2933 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Successful start of scaling up of MCH project Nigeria
377_473751650_3.jpgby Robert Zinser In November 2012, the Maternal and Child Health Project Nigeria started, contributing to the area of focus on that topic of Rotary's Future Vision Program. This project is the first scaling up of the pilot project (2005- 2010) and doubles its impact by including...3026 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Women in Rotary for International Peace Projects of the Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development in India
376_814897484_3.jpgVienna, February 11, 2013 RFPD was established at a Rotarian Peace Conference in Dakar, Semegal in 1995. The attendees unanimously adopted a resolution to request that Rotary International deal with the population growth issue. This initiative was the beginning of RFPD and the...3026 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
India: The Teatering (or Teetering) Giant
374_684594207_3.jpgThe Good News: India's rate of population growth is declining. For decades ending in 1991, 2001 and 2011, annual population growth rates were 2.14, 1.95 and 1.62 percent, respectively.  The Bad News: Although population growth rate are declining impressively, absolute...3026 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Rotary and Germany help mothers and babies in Nigeria
373_611202822_3.jpgMaternal health project in Nigeria to expand from 10 to 20 Nigerian hospitals thanks to additional funding of €350'68 from Germany EVANSTON, Ill. (April. 15, 2013) - Rotary's maternal health pilot project will double its hospitals in Northern Nigeria, as it...3026 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
2013 Rotary International Convention - Lisbon Portugal
372_691823482_3.jpgWelcome to Lisbon, Our whole extended family in India is thrilled with the birth of our first granddaughter, Ira! At this time, I am especially proud and happy to belong to RFPD. We at RFPD can be proud to be involved in saving the lives of mothers, their children and building...3026 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
RFPD Annual General Meeting & Fellowship Dinner in Lisbon
347_191999806_3.jpgRotarian Action Group for Population & Development, Rotary's Resource for Maternal & Child Health     invites you to: Annual General Meeting and Fellowship Dinner Sunday, 23rd,June 2013 - 18:00 Venue : Hotel Tivoli Oriente, Panoramic Room VIII Colina,...3114 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
Outreach centers keep Honduran youth off the street
340_878509680_3.jpgby Susie Ma Rotary News -- 2 January 2013 Rotarians from seven clubs in the Honduran capital of Tegucigalpa joined together to fund two outreach centers for young people in some of the poorest neighborhoods in the city. The centers are thriving because of startup funding...3172 days ago by RFPD, Category: Population
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