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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationViewed 125776 · Comts 0
Polio vaccination campaign targets 85 million African childrenViewed 54195 · Comts 0
Los Altos Rotary Project Works to Prevent HIV Infected ChildrenViewed 16412 · Comts 0
Calls Grow for a New Microloans ModelViewed 13871 · Comts 0
Social Development
Winners Rotarian Peace Photo Contest
166_114797115_3.jpgWinners 2009 - 2010 First Place - Elvine Skoretz 2009-2010 It's in your hand... This was Rotary International's theme for the Year 2009. In one of her last months of life I witnessed my blind mother-in-law pass her love by the touch of her hand to her...3143 days ago by Hayley, Category: Social Development
Africa Rising
159_303314367_3.jpgDirected by multi-award winning director Jamie Doran Remember Band Aid, Live Aid and developed countries' determination to 'Feed the World'? Well, we failed. There are more Africans living in extreme poverty today than ever before. Africa Rising...3151 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Social Development
Microcredit, Illiteracy Classes and Family Planning in Alexandria
152_656599415_3.jpgBy Kai Hylla Alexandria in Egypt: In the various slums of the metropolis in the Nile Delta a lot a people live under the poverty line. Rotary, Rotaract and the Rotarian Action Group for Population Growth and Sustainable Development (RFPD) have been addressing this problem with a...3172 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
The Social Entrepreneur's Handbook: How to Start, Run and Build a Business that Improves the World
148_668331728_3.jpgSocial enterprise has been touted as one of the most promising ways to solve some of the world's problematic issues, by using the philosophies of for-profit business to create organizations that are both mission-driven and profitable. In his new book,
3186 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Social Development
Micro insurance ''Helping the poor weather life's storms''
147_778723981_3.jpgMany folks interested in microcredit wonder about the growth of ancillary or adjunct businesses. Micro insurance is one such service. It is alive and well as shown by MicroEnsure's award on 16 June 2011 from the global FT/IFC Sustainable Finance Awards committee. MicroEnsure...3189 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Community Development on the World Stage
146_949337588_3.jpgA first for Rotary's Future Vision Plan came about at the Rotary International Convention in New Orleans in May 2011 when Oikocredit and the Aga Khan Foundation (AKF) came together to make presentations at the Economic and Community Development Workshop hosted by The Rotarian...3191 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Social Entrepreneurship for Dummies
142_670501867_3.jpgSocial entrepreneurship is a term which first appeared in the 1980s. At that time, academics and corporate leaders, including Ashoka founder Bill Drayton, began to champion the idea of systematically applying entrepreneurial principles and practices to solving social and environmental...3195 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Social Development
Community Rebuild
132_181623829_3.jpgRonald Pickford, Rotary Club of Ballarat, Victoria, Australia "I am so happy now that I live each day without fear." These are the translated words of a beneficiary of a low-cost shelter project in the Philippines. She told us that when she lived in flimsy squatter housing,...3217 days ago by Editor, Category: Social Development
Social Business Model - Investors Required
127_120263152_3.jpgA Brazilian community school — Ramacrisna Mission (http://www.ramacrisna.org.br/) has been producing galvanized steel wire fence in a facility that is too small and they wish to expand their plant size. The interesting proposition is that they can repay the cost of the...3225 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Social Development
Big Innovations
99_975555578_3.jpgSome of the biggest innovations are often the simplest. Here are a few that were featured in a recent story in National Geographic. Water Container In impoverished rural areas, clean water is often miles away from the people who need it, leaving them susceptible to...3439 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Social Development
Cell Phones and Social Development
87_207312848_3.jpgOver the last year or so, I've discovered that cell phones are becoming a surprising key to social development around the world, for more reasons than one. My direct experience has been as a witness of the technology transformation of cell phones from the "block" only available to the...3480 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Social Development
Upwardly Mobile in Africa
88_245547983_3.jpgHow basic cell phones are sparking economic hope and growth in emerging and even non-emerging-nations "Precious little would seem to connect the Kenyan village of Muruguru to the 21st century. The red dirt roads become impassable in the rainy season. Only a few homes have...3480 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Social Development
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Social Development
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