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Sugata Mitra: The child-driven educationViewed 210942 · Comts 0
Polio vaccination campaign targets 85 million African childrenViewed 91051 · Comts 0
Los Altos Rotary Project Works to Prevent HIV Infected ChildrenViewed 18247 · Comts 0
Calls Grow for a New Microloans ModelViewed 13987 · Comts 0
Social Development
Peace Conference Highlights
655_519514454.jpgEconomic Development is Central to Creating Peace in the World Join us on January 17 & 18, 2020 in Ontario, California, USA at the Rotary World Peace Conference 2020.  You will learn and share solutions to major issues happening in our communities, locally and...326 days ago by SDR, Category: Social Development
Canada is hosting The Social Enterprise World Forum! October 2 - 4, 2013
368_892710526_3.jpgLeveraging Markets and Innovations to Solve Social Problems A Global Gathering The 2013 Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) will bring together 1,200 individuals from more than 30 countries and speakers from more than 20 countries.  Attendees will come from diverse...1526 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Improve your project's sustainability
380_213931772_3.jpgIn the July 2013 edition of Rotary Leaders a video article by author and microcredit expert Marilyn Fitzgerald stands out because of its clarity on sustainability. It is true that having a 20 year donor is not the same as creating a sustainable program. Leadership from all participants -...2676 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Book review - Ripples From The Zambezi by Ernesto Siroli
371_923852019_3.jpgIn the increasingly difficult economic climate to start a business Ernesto Sirolli says, one needs to NOT work alone. Advocates are needed in many walks of life and entrepreneurs are no different. Business people can be talented in producing a tremendous product and capable of generating...2701 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
What is sustainability?
Thanks to the video folks at Rotary International and guest appearances by knowledgeable spokespersons like PDG Brad Howard, we have a powerful summary of what it takes to engage a community in their own self help. When the community is sufficiently engaged sponsorships are easier to find...2708 days ago by Editor, Category: Social Development
Social Enterprise - Branding & CEOs
367_787418100_3.jpgIf your business interests include growing in the Social Enterprise arena you will want to consider, how the chief architect of the company's change - the CEO - will need to change. Only the CEO can lead the company in the direction of Social Enterprise but it is the employees that must...2711 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Child Haven International is making a difference in the lives of over 1,000 children
319_180118295_3.jpgThere is a force in the universe that causes children to be excited about learning. You can see it in their faces at the Child Haven Orphanage & School. While visiting Kathmandu several Trekkers from the 2012 Rotarian Base Camp Tour visited the Child Haven Orphanage & school to...2914 days ago by Editor, Category: Social Development
Nepal Greenhouse Pilot Project Progress Report 1
276_915754689_3.jpgWe kicked off the Nepal greenhouse pilot project in 2 areas, Khumbu and Humla, on 1 July. KHUMBU Our partner in the Khumbu is GERES, an established French NGO who have been successfully building thermal mass greenhouses in Ladakh India for 15...3010 days ago by RotaryGlobal, Category: Social Development
Sam Daley-Harris - Poverty, Purpose, Pitfalls, and Redemption
222_460852887_3.jpgSam Daley-Harris is founder of RESULTS, an international citizens' lobby dedicated to creating the political will to end poverty. Daley-Harris is also founder of the Microcredit Summit Campaign which surpassed its initial goal of reaching 100 million of the world's poorest families in...3254 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Impact investors earn more than good karma
220_460269663_3.jpgCommentary: The majority of social enterprises profit By Thomas Kostigen SANTA MONICA, Calif. (MarketWatch) The majority of small, social enterprises aimed at doing good in the developing world are profitable, according to a new report by the Global Impact Investing...3256 days ago by RAGM, Category: Social Development
Rent-to-Own - Social Enterprise in Zambia
188_133772267_3.jpgMy name is Mark Hemsworth. Four years ago I left cow town to volunteer for Engineers Without Borders.  They placed me with Africa's largest exporter of honey, located in a remote part of Zambia where the average farmer earns less than $.30 a day in cash.  This was doubled through...3318 days ago by CMC-2011, Category: Social Development
Horns of the African dilemma, poverty and illiteracy
178_242740366_3.jpgIn two brief articles, students Sara Joe Wolansky and Nur Nasreen Ibrahim have caught the essence of  rural Africa  and how best to address the two horns of the African Dilemma, poverty and illiteracy. Sara wrote , "Opportunity International in Ghana....provides services such as micro...3334 days ago by Editor, Category: Social Development
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Social Development
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