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Big Innovations
Category: Social Development | By RotaryGlobal, 30-Oct-2010 | Viewed 4516  Comments 0 | Original Source
Some of the biggest innovations are often the simplest. Here are a few that were featured in a recent story in National Geographic.

Water Container
In impoverished rural areas, clean water is often miles away from the people who need it, leaving them susceptible to waterborne diseases. The sturdy Q Drum holds 13 gallons in a rolling container that eases the burden of transporting safe, potable water—a task that falls mostly to women and children.

Developed by: P. J. and J. P. S. Hendrikse
Website: http://qdrum.co.za
Launch country: South Africa

Photo by Rebecca Hale, National Geographic
Infant Warmer
Around 19 million low-birthweight babies are born every year in developing countries. Unable to regulate their body temperatures, many die. The Embrace helps to warm vulnerable infants (a special pouch slips into the back of the bag to provide hours of safe heat) while allowing for nursing and cuddling.

Developed by: Jane Chen, Linus Liang, Naganand Murty, Rahul Panicker
Website: http://embraceglobal.org
Launch country: India

99_694088564_4.jpgSolar Wi-Fi Streetlight
The StarSight system provides a series of pylons that use solar panels to power streetlamps, a Wi-Fi box for wireless Internet access, and if desired, closed-circuit TVs for security surveillance. The result: an integrated system of electricity and communication, plus better street lighting, which has been shown to help reduce crime.

[This one is my favourite. Two simple things, light and a camera can literally bring civilization to a community by providing basic preventative security. WiFi can bring the entire internet and with it educational resources in abundance, not to mention a connection to global civilization. If all that was not enough, it is grid and fossile fuel independent. - Andy]

Developed by: Kolam Partnership Ltd.
Website: http://starsightproject.com
Launch countries: Nigeria, South Africa, Turkey
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