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World Water Week in Stockholm
Category: Water | By RotaryGlobal, 17-Sep-2010 | Viewed 3473  Comments 0 | Original Source
The World Water Week in Stockholm is a week-long global water conference held each year in August or September. The World Water Week in Stockholm is arranged and led by the Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) and covers a wide-range of water, development and sustainability issues and aims to help link practice, science, policy and decision making.

Over 2400 participants attend each year, featuring experts and members from business, governments, water management and science sectors, intergovernmental and non governmental organisations, research and training organisations, and United Nations agencies. The conference features plenary sessions and panel debates, scientific workshops, poster exhibitions, side events and seminars. More than 200 organisations collaborate in the organization of events.

During the week, the Stockholm Water Prize, the Stockholm Junior Water Prize, the Stockholm Industry Water Award, and the Swedish Baltic Sea Water Award are awarded at separate ceremonies.

The next conference will be held in September 5-11 2010 at the Stockholm International Fairs Centre under the theme "The water quality challenge".


The World Water Week in Stockholm originally began as the Stockholm Water Symposium in 1991 and has been convened annually ever since. In 2001, it officially took on the name World Water Week in Stockholm. Past symposia have placed continued multiyeared focus on specific aspects of water problems. The 1992-1997 conferences focused on "Minimising Harmful Fluxes From Land to Water," the 1998—2002 conferences shared the thematic, "Water is the Key to Socio-economic Development and Quality of Life" and the 2003-2007 meetings emphasised the issues surrounding "Drainage Basin Security: Prospects for Trade offs and Benefit Sharing in a Globalised World". The 2008 year conference had the theme "Progress and Prospects on Water: For A Clean and Healthy World." Special attention was given to sanitation issues as part of the International Year of Sanitation 2008.
- From Wikipedia.

From Rotary.org: "Experts, decision makers, and leaders from around the globe are meeting in Stockholm, Sweden, this week to exchange ideas and develop solutions to the most urgent water-related issues. Rotarians know all about the importance of safe drinking water. That's why The Rotary Foundation has awarded nearly 5,000 grants totaling US$52.7 million to support water and sanitation projects since 1978."

View the story at the Rotary International website here: http://www.rotary.org/en/MediaAndNews/News/Pages/100907_news_waterweek.aspx?tab
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