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Fundacion Uniendo America de Honduras
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 11-Feb-2020 | Viewed 209  Comments 0 | Source Carmen Villalta

Uniendo America Foundation of Honduras

Borrowers at Uniendo America Foundation

1. Number of Groups

Solidarity Groups 152 and  127 individual loans

2. Benefited Families

Approximately 5600 direct families

3. Interest Loan

Between 2 and 3 % monthly.

4. Length of loan time

4 to 36 months

5. Benefited Zones

Honduras departments (states) : Francisco Morazan, Marcala, La Paz, Comayagua and San Pedro Sula

6. Chartered Date

The Uniendo America Foundation was chartered on 1999

7. Investment

Lps 9,800,000.00 ( approx US $ 400,000) , revolving funds

8. Lines of Business

The most frequent businesses that the entrepreneurs  invest the funds that Uniendo America provides are: Making and selling tortillas, small convenient stores, food sale, making and selling bread, fruit sales, new and used clothing sales, planting different vegetables, selling of beauty products,  making and selling of handcraft products.

9. Achievements:

  Reduce poverty thru microcredit. The families depend on a loan to maintain the business and with the profit they make they sustain their families, improve their businesses and homes. In the Solidarity groups all the people who ask for a loan are responsible for the total amount of the group loan, they live in the same community, usually friends or relatives, each group has a leader. The loans are handed out by a member of Uniendo or a promoter at the zone, the members get together weekly or monthly, they discussed and approved the loans that they will receive. Once the loan is given, the group does the follow up of the investment. The loans given to the group are paid by the group, if one member cannot pay his due, the rest of the members of the group divide the amount in equal parts.

10. Subsequent loans:

This depends on how well the group paid back the loan. All the members had to be punctual with their dues so the Foundation can provide a new loan. It works well with peer pressure from the members as well as collateral responsibility. The group members are chosen by themselves, that way they can have within the group people they know and they are confident they will pay their own loan, preventing the members paying for other dues and keeping the overall repayment percentage at a higher level. 
Carmen Villalta

Carmen Villalta
5049 9982 0938  - Mobile

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