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Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 12-Dec-2019 | Viewed 556  Comments 0 | Source Jim Louttit

Season's Greetings to All.

By Jim Louttit, Past Pres. RAGM

As we are coming to the end of another year, I want to share several stories with you about projects involving aspiring entrepreneurs around the globe.  This is to give you and your Rotary Club an opportunity to become involved in a Global Grant to assist these entrepreneurs in developing sustainable solutions within their communities.

Rotary Beyond Borders Newsletter

First, you can read about a microfinance project that is happening in District 6400 and my District (7070) which has been acting as the international partner. I authored this article which appeared in the December Zone 24 & 32 Beyond Borders Newsletter and you can read it here (page 9, An Entrepreneur's Dream: Collaboration between Two Zone):

Next, an article submitted by Past AG Sunny Akuopha from the Rotary Club Bamako Ouest in District 9101 which speaks about Marathon du Sahel, an entrepreneurship competition held earlier this year in seven countries of Africa. As Sunny tell us, there were only 5 winners in the competition, but they do have several entrepreneurs with potential projects which they would like to support with Rotary assistance. You can read more about Marathon du Sahel including how to reach out to Sunny for more information on assisting in the funding at the following link: http://ragm.org/docs/The%20Challenges%20after%20the%20Sahel%20Marathon_378.pdf

Entrepreneurship for All website

And last, but not least, we have an article submitted by Past President Krishna Mangipudi of the Hollis-Brookline Rotary Club in District 7870. Krishna is heading an inclusive entrepreneurship program to provide better opportunities to members of his community through a partnership with Entrepreneurship for All (EforAll). For more information on the project and the opportunity to be part of the Global Grant, see: http://ragm.org/docs/Krishna%20Mangipudi%20RAGM%20EforAll%20Article_377.pdf

Wishing you all a new year full of peace, joy and success.

Jim Louttit

Past President, Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development
Chair, Rotarian Action Group Chairs Council
Past RAGM Pres. Jim Louttit

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