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Peace Conference Highlights
Category: Social Development | By SDR, 9-Dec-2019 | Viewed 209  Comments 0 | Source Summer Lewis

Economic Development is Central to Creating Peace in the World

Peace Conference Logo

Join us on January 17 & 18, 2020 in Ontario, California, USA at the Rotary World Peace Conference 2020.  You will learn and share solutions to major issues happening in our communities, locally and internationally.

Nearly 150 experts from across the country and around the world have been secured and are ready to assemble to share their solutions.   Our six general sessions include a Nobel Laureate Nominee, the CEO of Institute for Economics and Peace, the Chief of Staff of the Peace Corps, a former Ambassador and CEO of the Carter Center, the father of modern mediation, the CEO of Project Concern International, a 2017 the President of Rotary International and more.

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Mission Statement

Our 104 breakout sessions in thirteen tracks have experts with solutions to human trafficking, child abuse, spousal abuse, cyber-bullying, trauma therapy, sexual harassment, unconscious bias, violence prevention in our cities, homes, and schools and much more.
Peace Conference Details

For example, in the workplace track, the Institute for Economics and Peace will be sharing Positive Pillars of Peace and how to implement them. One of these pillars is a sound business environment.  Several peace fellows will be joining us to explain the criteria further, as well as positive peace training. 

Launch Initiative is moving homeless to middle class by training them in high tech job skills.   Rotarians will be presenting on building entrepreneurship in your community and communities around the world. Speakers will share the importance of training women to earn a living. 
Rudy Westervelt

Rudy Westervelt,

Chair of Rotary World Peace Conference 2020

Visit www.peaceconference2020.org and Register Now!

What is peace? by Rotary Peace Fellow

Summer Lewis

Summer Lewis
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