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Looking forward with Past Pres Jim Louttit
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 30-Aug-2019 | Viewed 420  Comments 0 | Source Jim Louttit
Jim Louttit - Pres of RAGM 2018 - 2019

Immediate Past President Remarks

It has now been two months since my year as Chair and President ended and as I mentioned at our AGM in Hamburg, it was a very rewarding and interesting year for me.  When the year started in July 2018, I did say the RAGM Executive would have a focus of engaging more of our members in the tasks of providing global leadership to assist Clubs and Districts to participate in effective microfinance and community development programs. 

One initiative was the creation of a Governance Committee which is now being chaired by a new RAGM member.  Another was the creation of a Guidebook which was introduced at our Breakout Session in Hamburg and was put together by a few RAGM members.  This new guidebook is now available for all our members to assist them in walking through the steps necessary to build sustainable Microfinance programs.   

We also developed a Technology Infrastructure Committee involving several RAGM members with the mandate of improving our website, our membership database, the way we communicate and our social media avenues.  Also, we wanted to continue working on establishing links and collaborating with global microfinance institutions with a view to establishing formal strategic partnership agreements.

Overall, I believe we made excellent progress on these initiatives during the year with the support of multiple RAGM members and have positioned RAGM to continue moving forward and upward.  My grateful thank you to all the RAGM Board and Members for the support you provided me during the past year.  It is evident to me we have a great membership base and it was a bonus to meet some of you at our booth in the House of Friendship during this year's RI Convention in Hamburg.
I look forward to working with RAGM's Board for 2019-20 under the leadership of Chair and President Nick Frankle.  He has started his year quickly moving forward with several of the initiatives in progress and you will hear more of the actions shortly.

Jim Louttit
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