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Nick Frankle - our New President's Message
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 4-Aug-2019 | Viewed 533  Comments 0 | Source Nick Frankle


Nick Frankle
As we begin Rotary Year 2019-2020, we have a lot to celebrate.   In the year just past, RAGM has formalized the six building blocks of sustainable microfinance projects, completed partnerships with World Vision/Vision Fund and the Grameen Foundation while continuing discussions with other key participants in global microfinance, supported Rotary Clubs around the world with their microfinance projects, and had a successful presence at the Rotary International Convention in Hamburg, Germany.  Each of these accomplishments has helped create the foundation for the new Rotary Year. 

Let me first thank you for the opportunity to lead RAGM.  I have seen firsthand the impact of microfinance projects  in the developing world and in the developed world.  The stories told by our beneficiaries form some of the highlights of my Rotary experience.  I look forward to working with many of you in the new year as we expand our capabilities to help clubs plan, implement and sustain microfinance project. 

Some of the key objectives for RY 2019 - 20 include:

> Increasing support for RAGM members in their new and sustaining microfinance projects
> Reaching out to Rotarians and non-Rotarians who want to improve the economic opportunities in their community and in communities around the world
> Updating the Guidebook and adding tools to each section that you can use for your microfinance projects.
> Completing the technology infrastructure upgrade to enable more effective communication with and among our members
> Having a strong presence at the Rotary International Convention in Honolulu, Hawaii

We will not accomplish these and other objectives without your help.

> If you have skills in public relations, web development, finance, social media, metrics and evaluation, and project management, to name just a few, make a difference by supporting  a RAGM project or joining a RAGM committee. 
> If you are aware of a successful microfinance or community development project in your community or in someone else's community, share your story.   
> If you or organizations you have worked with possess tools or processes that successfully support the six building blocks, work with us make them available for others to use. 
> If you have worked on a successful microfinance project and would like to share your knowledge with others in your area of the world, volunteer to become a regional representative
> If you have an idea or a need that is not being pursued or fulfilled, don't complain.  Let us know so that we can grow your idea or meet your need.

Together we can grow communities and increase economic opportunity.  It literally takes a village to improve a village.  Become an active participant in the RAGM village.  Contribute your knowledge and your experiences.  Make a difference in the lives of others.  In doing so, you will find it makes a difference in your life as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Nick Frankle

Editor's note 1 - the Guidebook is available at: http://ragm.org/docs/RAGM%20Guidebook%20Hamburg%205-28-19%20with%20Cover_360.pdf
Click on image to enlarge.

Breakout Session inHamburg, Germany

Editor's Note 2 -  Informative Hamburg Breakout Session Slide Presentation available at:
Click on image to enlarge
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