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Client appreciation stories from HECD
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 30-Apr-2019 | Viewed 1256  Comments 0 | Source Ed Temple

Ed Temple, Director of Philanthropy (Alberta)

by Ed Temple

When six Rotarians and friends visited Honduras in Spring 2019 they found a treasure chest of stories about successful, productive and happy microcredit clients. Ed Temple, Director of Philanthropy (Alberta) snapped pictures with more than a dozen clients plus Opportunity International Canada's new President Dan Murray. Here is a sample of what this year's Insight Trip participants found in Honduras.

Rubix Cube Problem solving Son

You met Nolvin in our last reporting period in 2018. He has a fruit truck. However, sometimes the best stories come from clients we already know. It is in them we see impact of MFI programs is cumulative, and can, over time make lasting change. In the last year, Nolvin received a home loan from IDH for $4,082. After renting for his entire life, he purchased his own home. He also applied for a home improvement loan of $817 to make repairs to his home. In February, he proudly showed visiting Opportunity International Canada staff his property. "It's all thanks to IDH," he says. Nolvin's goals for himself and his business are very clear. "My son is very smart. He can solve the Rubik's cube in under a minute blindfolded. Thanks to IDH I can keep him in school. He will have a much brighter future than me."
Dan Murray Pres. of OIC Can. with shoe builders

Marta and Joaquin Gutierrez both have loans with IDH. Martha has had four loans, the latest of which was $1,600, to diversify the products in her small store to gain more, and a different, clientele. "My monthly revenue dropped because the coffee prices have gone down," she says. Diversifying enabled her to maintain an income, however Martha is also trying to help others."I am extending credit to my neighbors (to buy products) in their time of need. I am tougher than IDH on repayment," she laughs, "because I have to pay IDH back!". Right next door, her husband Joaquin runs a shoe factory. "I learned shoe-making 20 years ago from an uncle," he says, "but now I only sell them." Thanks to a series of loans, Joaquin employs 11 other people to make his shoes. Two of his daughters have also graduated from university. All of which demonstrates the ripple effect of microfinance " opportunity for a few breeds education and opportunity for many more.
HECD - Art studio Client

Is there a place for artists in the developing world? Norma Alvarez shows that with a little ingenuity and a little opportunity, art can still flourish, jobs can be created and community inspired, no matter where you are born. Norma runs an art academy in Puerto Cortes. She offers painting and dance lessons from kids aged two up to adults. While the arts are her passions, she also runs a little tourist agency on the side, with a bus that can seat 40 people. One day Norma noticed an IDH Loan Officer in his distinctive royal blue shirt and followed him to the IDH office. With a $3000 loan, she has developed a thriving art studio. "We built this studio with our own hands," she says."We didn't stop working until 10 PM at night. Now we have around 40 students and they perform at nursing homes and for the neighborhood." Norma's determination to make a way for art to be shared means she also employs 12 others, including both her (grown) kids. "My dream is to build a theatre for live performances," she says. With her passion, we don't doubt she will find a way, and Opportunity will be there to support her as she does.

For more details, pictures or info about next year's tour:

Ed Temple

Director of Philanthropy (Alberta)
C 403.470.4218
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