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Rotary raises $2.3 M for Honduras Microcredit
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 27-Mar-2019 | Viewed 1730  Comments 0 | Source Bill Fitzsimmons
Bill Fitzsimmons & Ed Temple

Bill Fitzsimmons,

Team Leader of Phase V - Honduras Economic and Community Development (HECD) program presents a cheque in the amount of $402,000 to the Coordinator of Philanthropy for Western Canada of Opportunity International Canada, Mr. Ed Temple. ED explained that the money flows from Rotary to OIC and then on to IDH where the money is put into the hands of aspiring entrepreneurs. Calgary West Rotary & Clubs in D5360, Canada, USA & Honduras, through the magic of matching grants, brought their combined donations of $60,000 to this amazing total. Over the five phases, with the help of many partners the total funding for the HECD program is $2.3M. 

In the ideal world our HECD Program would send along to each of our partners an announcement by way of a picture of our BIG cheque for Phase Five of $402,000 with the words: "We Did It". It is prudent however to use mass media and to avoid missing anyone, this article is being included in the broader circulation of the Rotarian Action Group for MicroFinance and Community Development Spring 2019 Newsletter.

Ribbon Cutting at IDH Puerto Cortes
Upon the opening of a new Puerto Cortes branch, Bill Fitzsimmons, Team Lead of Phase V of the HECD Program, sent to Honduras a message of thanks for the hard work and dedication of the OIC staff, IDH workers and the Rotarians of the Real de Minas Club. There was more good news however, from our partners IDH. Bill said:

"On behalf of the Rotary District 5360 Team for the Honduras Economic and Community Development Project and the Rotary Club of Calgary West I want to congratulate you on the opening of the new Puerto Cortes Branch of IDH. The small entrepreneurs of Honduras are our inspiration and our motivation for continuing our partnership. Their willingness to work hard and their commitment to providing a better life for their children has been very gratifying. 

Puerto Cortes opening includes Dan Murry & John Gilvesy
We have also been very impressed with IDH as an organization. We have been particularly impressed with the dedication and caring demonstrated by all the IDH staff that we have had the pleasure to meet over the past six years. This has given us the confidence to renew and strengthen our partnership for the benefit of the hardworking people of Honduras.

I want to thank Opportunity International Canada for introducing our Team to Honduras and IDH and for walking in partnership with us as we have worked to improve lives in Honduras. I need to acknowledge the many Rotary Clubs in District 5360 and across Canada who have contributed to this effort. Our Host partner the Rotary Club of Real de Minas has been indispensable in our efforts. We are very excited with the new partnership with the Rotary Club of Puerto Cortes. We are looking forward to working with them on the success of this new Branch and future opportunities. Finally, our thanks to the Rotary Foundation, the Rotary Foundation of Canada, Global Affairs Canada and the District 5360 for their contribution of District Designated Funds. Grants from these organizations have been critical to our success. 

Once again, congratulations on this new milestone in your development. We are confident you will have great success and we look forward to hearing about how you are helping improve lives in Honduras."

Bill Fitzsimmons
Bio - Bill Fitzsimmons
At Trinity Western University (2004 -07) Bill studied Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness. His Area of focus was International Development. His Major Project was to develop a Guide to Tri-Sector Partnerships and Collaboration between business, not-for-profit and government entities. Bill attended the British Columbia Institute of Technology twice, initially studding Building Technology. Later he returned to complete a Marketing and Sales Program. Since 1977 he has worked in construction with most of that career focused on the marketing and sales of construction products and services. Bill was known as a sales and marketing expert in concrete even being certified as a concrete field-testing agent. He managed the sales and dispenser team in Alberta, Canada and was responsible for key account relationships at senior levels. He developed sales and market plans annually and developed budgets as required. Bill was awarded a Premier Performance Award and was also named to the Grace Salesmasters Council.

After a successful career in the construction industry, Bill has found an outlet for his training in creating and leading construction teams in projects for Habitat for Humanity Canada Global Village. It is the combination of these skills that brings Bill into demand as a leader in volunteer organizations like Habitat for Humanity and Rotary. He has participated in Habitat builds in the USA, Canada, Portugal, El Salvador, Cambodia, Zambia and Prince Edward Island.

Bill joined the Calgary West Rotary Club in 2016. Since then he has held increasingly responsible positions including the Project Lead for Phase V of the Honduras Economic and Community Development Program. Under his leadership Phase V raised $402,000 to bring the total for the program to $2.3 M CDN. Bill will be the President of Calgary West in 2020/21.

Bill Fitzsimmons


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