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Opportunity International Canada 2017 Annual Report
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 24-Sep-2018 | Viewed 1086  Comments 0 | Source Dale Patterson

We are delighted to let you know that our 2017 Annual Report is hot off the press.

Dale Patterson, CEO Opportunity International Canada

I confess it gives me a surge of energy for the task at hand when I see in black and white the fruit of our labours in 2017. This task is a large one. The scale of poverty is overwhelming. On difficult days when it seems we are fighting red tape or feel bogged down in the minutia of what needs to be done, one can feel our efforts are as insignificant as a tiny ripple on a vast ocean.

And yet, when all those tiny ripples are added up, as our Annual Report reminds me, the sum is a mighty wave. Our 2017 Annual Report shows me in black and white that our efforts have had an impact on a world scale. We can take heart from:

9.4 million impoverished people

are being reached with a chance at jumping out of the poverty cycle.

4.4 million of these have microinsurance

so that in a crisis, for the first time, they now have some kind of financial safety net. 

5.9 million also have savings account

s for the first time.

And the one that warms my heart,

2.3 million kids

are now going to school thanks to our Education Finance program.

These are mighty numbers. Millions are being impacted. You are part of the team making this happen. I hope it moves your heart as much as it has moved mine.



With Thankfulness and Appreciation,

Dale Patterson

President & CEO
Opportunity International Canada
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