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Alex Counts Summary of Ultra Poverty Summit
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 30-Jul-2018 | Viewed 1235  Comments 0 | Source Alex Counts
Alex Counts

Meeting Summary - Ending Ultra-Poverty

by Alex Counts, Founder, Grameen Foundation

On June 28-29, 2018, approximately six dozen individuals involved with and committed to the international humanitarian agenda gathered in Toronto to discuss action to accelerate global progress to end ultra-poverty.

For those unfamiliar with this term, one common definition of people who live in ultra-poverty is those who eat below 80% of their energy requirements despite spending at least 80% of income on food.They are truly the poorest of the poor.

Some of us who gathered are members of Rotary, RESULTS, and other respected international civil society organizations.  Others of us are practitioners and thought leaders involved in evidence-based approaches to reducing ultra-poverty at the grassroots level and include leaders from BRAC, CARE, FINCA, Grameen Foundation, Opportunity International, and World Vision.
We gathered in large part in response to call in the Global State of Ultra-Poverty 2017* report (released by Uplift and RESULTS) for civil society to organize in support of proven solutions to eliminate extreme forms of poverty.  These include the graduation model first pioneered by BRAC (a global NGO based in Bangladesh) and cash transfers that are used by a growing number of governments around the world.
We recognize that there are many organizations already providing leadership to the emerging movement to end ultra-poverty, and also that there has been some recent progress.  An estimated 50% of humanity lived in ultra poverty as recently as 1970.  By 2015, that percentage had been reduced to 9%.  Current estimates suggest that ultra-poverty will gradually be reduced to around 6% by 2030.  This projection compares unfavorably to a United Nations goal of completely eliminating ultra-poverty by that time, as part of the Sustainable Development Goals.

We seek action to accelerate the current trend so that ultra poverty is completely eliminated by 2030.  If achieved, this would avoid untold human suffering and related social ills that impact entire societies, not simply the ultra-poor.

We discussed and debated many possible course of action.  We recognize the importance of, and attempted to study and learn from, other social and environment movements addressing critical issues, and will continue to do so.  We seek additional input from other civil society groups, anti-poverty practitioners, academics, governmental and intergovernmental organizations, the private sector, and others.

We reached a general consensus that there is an important opportunity to create an inclusive civil society-led platform to aggregate and unite diverse solutions for reducing ultra-poverty that are adapted to local realities, in order to create grounded optimism, tangible momentum, shared and applied learnings, and unstoppable political will to get the job done.
We welcome advice, support, and participation from any and all individuals and organizations who share our vision of a world free form ultra-poverty as we plan our next steps.

Alex Counts, Founder, Grameen Foundation and
Professor of Public Policy, University of Maryland College Park
Mobile: 202-257-8739
Email: alexcounts09@gmail.com
Twitter: @AlexCounts

* http://ragm.org/p/blog/598/The_Global_State_of_Ultra-Poverty/
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