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Bob Sample - Ending Ultra-Poverty - Workshop Results
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 4-Aug-2018 | Viewed 1739  Comments 0 | Source Bob Sample

The Big Picture

Bob Sample - RESULTS

Where to start on the job of ending extreme poverty? Start by a reality test of what actions are required to end ultra-poverty. World scale organizations like RESULTS, BRAC, CARE, FINCA and others including World Vision, Grameen Foundation and Opportunity International are involved with evidence-based approaches to reducing ultra-poverty. They use benchmarks of the deprivations endured by households in the areas of health, education and living conditions. Simply said a poor person goes hungry, has no animals, cultivates with a hoe and sleeps on the ground. Or to make the point more poignantly a poor person has enough not to die but does not have enough to live. 

Why focus on ultra-poverty?

Just over 50 of our approximate 200 global communities have some element of ultra-poor - at least 1%. Said another way nearly half of the 800 million extreme poor are ultra-poor. The good news is that we are on track to reduce the overall levels of ultra-poverty to 6% of the world's population by 2030 but unfortunately, this is double the World Bank's desire rate of 3%. The abiding question is, If having no child die of hunger and malnutrition related disease by 2030, who will take on the special measures to assist this sub-group of the extreme poor?

The Ending Ultra-Poverty Retreat

The process adopted at the Retreat was to focus on five projects that are likely to have a positive impact on ultra-poverty as a way to bring reality to the discussions. This is critical to understanding the challenges in building initiatives to scale. Rotary has achieved global levels of humanitarian aid. How could the Rotary network support the implementation and expansion of such projects? The projects serve as a proxy on how to organize the replication & adaptation plus scaling up of projects to overcome ultra-poverty. Other aspects examined included exploring major funding sources and shaping external communications. A portion of the Retreat focused on building Rotary partnerships - a process set out on the web under the heading of the Rotary International Code of Policy. Of the estimated 80 million families living in ultra-poverty only governments, bilateral, and international aid agencies, and the private sector have the necessary resources to eradicate ultra-poverty. Collectively, the participants looked at the question - how can Rotary be an incubator for the change at the scale needed to assist this sub-group of marginalized people?

Conclusion and Next Steps

The job at hand is to accelerate the current trend so that ultra-poverty is completely eliminated by 2013. It is a widely held desire to avoid untold human suffering and related social ills that impact entire societies. This can be accomplished best through an inclusive platform or coalition to aggregate demonstrated solutions. The goal is to learn from other social and environmental movements to create shared and applied learnings and as in Polio eradication the unstoppable political will to get the job done. It is agreed that there are many organizations and networks already providing leadership for the emerging movement to end ultra-poverty. The participants of the Summit Retreat welcome and in fact, seek participation with and from networks sharing a vision of a world free of ultra-poverty.

"Only action will remove the doubt that theory cannot solve" (Tehyi Hsieh)

Note: For detailed agenda and proceedings of the Retreat, please contact: Bob Sample at: bbsample@ix.netcom.com
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Retreat Participants from Major NGOs to Rotarians

For a copy of the original two page release by Bob Sample click here:

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