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RESULTS Canada New Exec Director Chris Dendys
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 13-Mar-2018 | Viewed 2142  Comments 0 | Source Randy Rudolph
Chris Dendys - Exec Director Results Canada

Chris has more than 20 years experience

working in pursuit of social justice and social impact. She has expertise in strategic positioning and advocacy, government relations, developing and advancing smart partnerships, and supporting grassroots movements.  She has served at the executive level within the international development sector for more than a decade. 

Executive Director of RESULTS Canada (RC)

, Chris oversees all aspects of RESULTS Canada's organizational strengthening efforts, campaign strategy, and grassroots support and growth. RESULTS Canada, a leading Canadian grassroots advocacy organization, is committed to creating the political will to end poverty.  Prior to joining RC, Chris served as Director of External Relations, at Nutrition International (NI) for six years. NI is one of the world's largest nutrition-focused development organizations. At NI, Chris was responsible for communications, advocacy, strategic partnerships, and played a leading role in resource mobilization, supporting a significant expansion of NI's resource base. Prior to NI and RESULTS, Chris worked as a consultant, supporting a number of non-government organizations, and also held a variety of positions in government, in Parliament, and in politics.

Chris has four children and lives in Ottawa. She holds a Master's Degree in Canadian Studies from Carleton University.

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