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New Year's Message from Bill Fitzsimmons
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 16-Jan-2018 | Viewed 1722  Comments 0 | Source Steve Rickard
Phase V Lead - Bill Fitzsimmons
HECD Donations Barometer

January 1st, 2018,

marks the half way point in this Rotary year. I write to extend on behalf our entire team of Honduras Economic and Community Development Program volunteers,  a Happy New Year and our congratulations to you for your help in raising $55,000 to our $70,000 USD budget. 

I reference the team because it takes a group of committed individuals who manage the annual Phase process from presenting to clubs to applying for grants and then after collecting and distributing the funding, reporting to the donors. Grants this year will include both the Canadian and Provincial Governments. The matching of funding comes about as a result of ever vigilant attention to details, a responsibility we happily take over from you the donors. The work we do in the field with MicroFinance is transforming lives. Without your help much less would be achieved. 
HECD Phase V Fundraising to 15 Jan 2018

Progress is appreciable in our Phase V funding. The adjacent chart shows when including confirmed and projected donations, a total Phase V funding of $293,018 USD which is an 4.3:1 matching of funds. Many of our donors reference the leverage of matching grants as an attraction of the HECD Program. Developing this technique becomes increasingly possible as we move into our fifth year of fund raising. Of course our experts are available to discuss the matching process in hopes it helps other clubs achieve higher leverage for their club's donation dollars.
Duncan Stanners, Water Team Lead, Phase V - HECD

Related Water Project

We have completed two water projects which have been identified through our MicroFinance connections in Honduras. Past President of Calgary West Duncan Stanners will again take charge of the water related component of this year's HECD Program. 


Speaking of team, we also need amazing partnerships, the kind that carry the Rotary banner and effectively do the implementation. Opportunity International Canada has been our partner with the HECD project for each of our 5 annual phases. Rotarians are not only brilliant at leveraging funds for maximum impact we also do fundraising in conjunction with the Opportunity partnership. Ed Temple (Alberta) and the Opportunity team are our passionate and effective partners helping us to continue this important work.

Insight Trip

This year's (2018) Insight Trip to Honduras promises to be another excellent review of the progress to date as well as conducting the due diligence for the next phase. 

Download the PDF version of the Insight Trip brochure: http://mtf5360.rotaryglobal.net/docs/Insight%20Tour%20Brochure%20-%202%20Nov%202018_304.pdf

REGISTER ONLINE AT https://opportunityinternational.ca/what-you-can-do/2018-rotary-insight-trip-to-honduras

If you or your club would like to hear more about this highly successful multi-year, multi-leveraged, multi club program that is transforming lives in Honduras, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Bill Fitzsimmons
1 403-201-7492
Team Lead, Phase V
Rotary Club of Calgary West
Honduras Community and Economic Development (HECD)

Duncan Stanners
1 403 286-8928
Water Team Lead, Phase V
Rotary Club of Calgary West
Honduras Economic and Community Development (HECD)

Ed Temple
1 403 470-4218
Director of Philanthropy (Alberta)

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