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New Dawn Trust Group - Honduras
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 6-Sep-2017 | Viewed 1336  Comments 0 | Source Alison Chapman

New Dawn Trust Group, Tegucigalpa

By Alison Chapman

In April, Opportunity International took a trip to Honduras with our Rotary partners, where we had the pleasure of visiting one of Opportunity International's Trust Groups in Tegucigalpa.

Let me introduce "Nuevo Amanecer" (New Dawn).

New Dawn Trust Group
There are 9 women in their group, and they have a waiting list of others who would like to join. This picture is taken in home of Saydi Zuniga, whose business is selling cosmetics and refreshments. Their newest member, Maylin Lopez had only just received her first loan ($210 USD) to sell clothing, and had taken ill just before our visit and was admitted to hospital. This put our Trust Group model in action, as New Dawn will be covering her loan payments while she is unwell. 

The other members of the group have businesses that include: sale of hot dogs, running a mill, owning a moto taxi, sale of tortillas, sale of roasted chickens, and the sale of fruits and vegetables.

Most of these women start their days between 4am and 5am, preparing their products for sale before taking their children to school.

New Dawn's loan officer provides training for the women, and we had the opportunity to sit in on a module about time management. Other training topics include: Setting financial and personal goals, Managing expenses, Time is my friend, and What do I think about myself - self-image. There are 16 training modules they work through.

This was my first time meeting this Trust Group. I was struck by the incredible confidence each of these women had as they stood before a group of strangers and boldly shared their business ideas with us - where they started, what they hoped to achieve and how they managed their day to day responsibilities. No public speaking courses required here! Their confidence and empowerment filled the room. 

What a privilege and honour to be amongst them!

Alison Chapman
Alison Chapman
Director of Philanthropy
Opportunity International

Alison's Brief Bio:

Introduced to Opportunity as a donor in 2005, and joining the OIC staff team in 2016, Alison has a variety of national and international experience in fundraising and project management. Prior to Opportunity, she has worked for charities and not-for-profits in both Canada and the UK.

Alison has an MSc from the London School of Economics, a BA-Honours from Queens, and a Diploma in Countryside Management from the University of London, England. She is married to Martin and they have two children named Ross and Eva.
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