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June 2017 Update on HECD
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 4-Jun-2017 | Viewed 1969  Comments 0 | Source Jannalee Anderson


Our Thanks to Rotary as they surpass their goal in half the time!  The Rotary logo is - Service above Self - and these Rotarians have been living that out - at home in Canada and abroad in Honduras. 

Six years ago the Honduras Economic and Community Development (HECD) Program was birthed by visionary Rotarians wanting to make a difference in Honduras.  They designed a multi-year, multi-phased, and multi-partner, project and set their goal as having 10 Phases and raising $1Million for Honduras. 

Fast forward to 2017 and lets check-in for a progress report:  Rotarians from Alberta and Ontario have just completed their sixth due diligence trip to Honduras, they are in the process of launching HECD Phase 5, and they have not only met their original fundraising goal, they have surpassed it - and are still marching forward!  

Thanks to generous Rotarians, Rotary Matches from Clubs, Districts, and Rotary International, as well as Alberta provincial funding and Government of Canada funding (all via Rotary), these Rotarians have impacted 4,500 lives in Honduras - through microfinance and sustainable water projects.

Rotary - thank you for putting - Service above Self - and changing lives - for the better, and forever - in Honduras!

More information, or a connection to the Rotary team partnering with us, can be found at:

One small client story representing the way microcredit alters the world for the Poor.

Elsa, Marco, Elizabeth, and Haydy
Meet Elsa Ramirez of Quimistan. She is just 24, has a Pulperia (little store) and a tacos and flautas business. But in case one thinks that she just sells tacos and flautas out of her little store, as one would typically imagine, Elsa actually has developed a wholesale business, employs seven people (including four family members) and sells her tacos and flautas as far as the Guatemalan border!

Elsa and her employees work Tuesday to Friday, beginning at 7 AM and go until the "order is finished". The make three sizes of flautas and freeze them. Elsa employs her brother in-law
as a sales person and he takes the orders out in coolers every day in his pick-up truck.
Pictured below are: Elsa, Marco, Elizabeth, and Haydy.

Elsa & Frozen Products
When asked how many they made each day - although it varies depending on the order, typically they make 1700 flautas a day! Marco is Elsa's IDH loan officer and tells us that her loan is for 20,000 Lemps (approximately $1,000 USD) and is over an 18-month period. She is considered an Individual Client at the SME level. Marco expresses thanks for her as an SME client as these clients help the Quimistan Branch be sustainable and also allow them to continue to serve their more-expensive Trust Group clients.

Elsa's Business Licence
Elsa proudly explained her business to us, showed us a video she had made on her phone of the production process, and showed us her business license on the wall. She is a smart business-woman already at the age of 24 and makes a 40% margin on her sales.

Elsa's hopes for the future? She wants to buy another vehicle to expand her business further -
as she knows, that the more it expands, the more employees she hire, and the greater impact
she can have in her community. She has invited us back and promised a food sampling the next time we all visit!

Submitted by Jannalee Anderson
Opportunity International Canada
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