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RAGM Minutes 29 Mar 2017 & Agenda - 26 Apr 2017
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 10-May-2017 | Viewed 264  Comments 0 | Source Wilf Wilkinson & Nick Frankle

RAGM Executive Committee Minutes

RAGM Pres Enzo Martinelli

Meeting held

via Zoom - 29 Mar 2017


President Enzo Martinelli


Larry Wright, Jim Louttit, Nick Frankle and Wilf Wilkinson


Karen Somerville, Mike McCullough, Steve Rickard


Agenda Approved

A motion was made by Larry Wright, seconded by Jim Louttit to adopt the Agenda of 29 Mar 2017. Carried.


Minutes Approved

  A motion was made by Jim Louttit, seconded by Larry Wright to approve the Minutes of the February 28th, 2017 meeting. Carried.


Treasurers Report

  In the absence of Treasurer Karen Somerville, Jim Louttit reported on the current bank balances as follows:  Bank of Nova Scotia CDN $1,180.00; PayPal US $4,508.00. On a motion by Jim Louttit, seconded by Larry Wright to approve the Treasurer's report the vote was carried.

4 i.

Atlanta Convention Planning

A discussion followed concerning the Rotary International Convention in Atlanta. It was suggested that at all of the convention meetings and at our booth we need to try to project a consistent message. It was pointed out that our booth might be hard to find and as a result we need to display banners and new pictures.
It was also felt that the booth should be equipped with a computer for PowerPoint.
Efforts should be made to attract sufficient RAGM members to insure that the booth is manned at all available times.
It was suggested that perhaps a per-convention memo could be sent advising our Members of  the location of our booth and asking for volunteers to help staff it. The need for a generic business card with a consistent "tag" was also identified.

4 ii. RAGM has been assigned Booth #3022 in the House of Friendship. Nick Frankle is coordinating the booth activities.  A focus of the booth and the breakout is to make convention attendees aware of the capabilities of RAGM to assist in the planning, execution and evaluation of projects associated with microfinance and community development.   The materials and information available at the booth need to be consistent with those presented at the breakout and available from the RAGM website.  Tasks associated with the booth include:

a) Equipment at booth -  confirm need and cost for electricity; internet access; additional table and chairs
b) Number and updated content on banners - Jim Louttit has the current banner and banner stands.
c) Use of PowerPoint presentations and videos to describe microfinance projects and RAGM capabilities. 
d) Larry Wright offered to bring a projector that can be used to project the images onto a white poster board screen at the booth.  Nick will work with the members of the RAGM Executive Committee and Marilyn Fitzgerald to obtain content
e) Updated RAGM brochure with current branding
f) Business cards ? Wally is designing a standard RAGM business card with current branding
g) Materials required to have people join RAGM while at the booth ? Nick will work with Jim based on what was done in Seoul
i) Method for collecting business cards or contact information from booth visitors -- Nick will work with Jim based on what was done in Seoul
j) Set up/Take down - Nick will coordinate volunteers and obtain early access wrist bands
k) Booth volunteers - Request for volunteers to be made at the Board of Directors meeting and sent to RAGM members.  A Google calendar will be provided for people to sign up.  Two people should be at the booth at all times.

The breakout session and AGM will be held in Room A403 from 1630-1800 EDT on Tuesday, June 13.  The room will be set up for fifty attendees. Marilyn Fitzgerald is coordinating the breakout which will last from 1630-1730.   Marilyn has arranged for a panel of five speakers:
D-6400 Detroit, Mi. Larry Wright
D-7710 Raleigh, N.C. Matthew Kane
D-7750 Greenville S.C. Terry Weaver
D-6900 Atlanta, GA. Mark Newman
D-5240 Simi Valley, CA. Nick Frankle

Marilyn has requested microphones for the podium and the moderator and projector/screen to show agenda and introduce presenters.  Presenters are asked to bring handouts rather than use PowerPoint.

The Annual General Meeting will be held immediately following the breakout session. The agenda and presenters at the AGM need to be finalized.

While on the call, Nick and Jim agreed to a meeting on Tuesday, April 4 to follow up on the items listed above and to identify the tasks needed to provide a firm budget for RAGM activities in Atlanta at the next meeting of the Executive Committee. 

Action Item:   Prepare and present a budget for Atlanta at the next Executive Committee meeting  with Nick Frankle taking the lead.


Communication Materials for RAGM

Discussed in conjunction with Atlanta International Convention


Board Nominations

Nominations are required by April 1, 2017 to Mike McCullough, Chair of the Nominating Committee


Payment of Membership Fees via PayPal

A discussion was held regarding the use of PayPal for payment of membership fees and some type of reminder to members that their current membership is expiring.  The goal is to make it as easy as possible for Rotarians to join and remain members of RAGM.   A proposal to enable members to pay via PayPal was discussed.  The decision on the proposal and use of PayPal was deferred until the next Executive Committee meeting.


Meeting of the general RAGM Board scheduled

The meeting of the Board of Directors has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 25 at 1300 EDT.


Other Business

The zoom call was interrupted because the time allocated to the free version of Zoom had expired.  A discussion was held confirming that RAGM needs to upgrade to Zoom Professional to mitigate this problem.


Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Executive Committee is scheduled for May 24 at 1000 EDT. NOTE CHANGE OF TIME.
PRIP Wilf Wilkinson

Submitted by:

Wilf Wilkinson

- Wilfrid.Wilkinson@rotary.org

RAGM Executive Agenda - 26 April 2017:

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