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Education Finance (EduFin) with Opportunity International22 days ago
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RAGM Minutes 24 Jan 2017 & Agenda - 28 Feb 2017
Category: Microcredit | By SDR, 10-Mar-2017 | Viewed 585  Comments 0 | Source Wilf Wilkinson

RAGM Executive Committee Minutes

Meeting held via Zoom on January 24th, 2017

Chair: Past President Mike McCullough
Attendees: Mike McCullough, Jim Louttit, Steve Rickard and Wilf Wilkinson, Absent: Karen Somerville, Enzo Martinelli & Larry Wright

Heather Frankle


Passing of Heather Frankle:

The chair explained to the meeting that it was with great regret that he must announce the passing of the RAGM's Secretary Heather Frankle. A short break of silence was observed in honor of Heather followed by a suggestion that RAGM might make a donation to one of her charities in recognition of her contribution not only to RAGM but to so many other organizations. A question was raised as to whether the RAGM By-Laws would permit such an expenditure. After discussion the matter was tabled and Steve Rickard was asked to consult the by-laws and report back at the next meeting.


Agenda Adopted:

On a motion by Jim, seconded by Steve the Agenda for the meeting was adopted.


December Minutes Adopted:

The Minutes for the meeting held December 13th, 2016, on a motion by Steve and seconded by Jim, were approved. In the absence of a Secretary Wilf agreed to keep the minutes of the meeting.


Treasurer's Report:

On behalf of Treasurer Karen, Jim provided the following information on her behalf concerning our financial situation.

Bank balances December 30th, 2016:
Bank a/c $1,492.08  CDN
PayPal $ 3,934.20 USD

It was further reported that we had received 3 one year memberships at $25 each and one five year membership at $100.

There also was an outstanding account in the amount of $252.50 payable to Mindstream Media Graphic Design (now Neurosmith) for the work that they had done on our Web-Site. It was also reported that the nominating committee had spoken to Karen Somerville and she had agreed to let her name stand as Treasurer during the 2017-18 RAGM year. This would be instead of Ted Koziel who had been approached by the nominating committee. On a motion by Jim seconded by Wilf, the Treasurer's report was approved. 


Atlanta Convention:

Mike reported that our Booth Space at the Atlanta Convention had been approved. Space for a Microfinance Workshop had also been allocated to us on Sunday June 11th at the Atlanta Convention between the hours of 12:30-14:30. We would also be in a position to hold our annual meeting at the same venue during these hours. It was suggested that we should do our best to try and get a better time slot. Mike agreed that he would follow up with the R I staff. It was reported that Marilyn Fitzgerald was working in a program for this Workshop.


On Line Recognition:

The Committee took note of the fact that RAGM was now being recognized by the RCNY International Breakfast Club at the United Nations.


Nominating Report:

The initial report of the 2017-18 Nominating Committee as submitted by Mike was received.


Fund Raising:

A discussion took place re fundraising. It was decided that we should contact other RAGS to find out what they are doing. Wilf was asked to contact Trustee Bryn Styles and PRIT Andy Smallwood for fund raising ideas and report back to the Board.


Website Usage:

Steve reported that he had sent an email encouraging Board Members and Non-Board members to start placing more information on our new updated web-site. Jim reported that his recent article which was written in Italian could be translated and posted .


Other Business:

      A) There was a request to Chair Enzo that he call a meeting of the Board of Directors, so they could be brought up to date.
      B) Jim Louttit reported on the International Assembly. He felt that the area and booth space provided to all the RAGS was insufficient. He reported on his discussions with RAGS Chair Ann Lee Hussey.
      C) It was agreed that using ZOOM was far better for holding our meetings and it was agreed that RAGM should invest in a site on Zoom as a communication link for future meetings and pay the required fee. Moved by Jim seconded by Steve, adopted.
      D) It was felt that because of the change in the dues structure and just to keep in touch with our Members we need a system where we can track them. On a motion by Jim seconded by Wilf the executive asked Steve to contact Andy Gauvin for a proposal.
     E) A motion was made to recognize the work of Heather Frankel by donating $100.00 to her preferred charity. This was subject to confirming that such an expenditure would not contravene our by-laws. Adopted unanimously.


Adjournment & Next Meeting:

It was moved by Wilf and seconded by Jim that the next meeting be held on February 28th, 2017 at 12:00EDT, 17:00BDT and 9:00PDT. Meeting Adjourned.
PRIP Wilf Wilkinson

Submitted by: Wilf Wilkinson - Wilfrid.Wilkinson@rotary.org

RAGM Next Meeting Agenda - 28 Feb 2017:


can be made to the Heather Frankel Memorial Fund through her husband, DG (D5240) Nick Frankel at: nickdg1617@earthlink.net   Cell: 805.402.6303 (Editor)

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