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Honduras Phase V Opening Remarks
Category: Microcredit | By Steve, 12-Feb-2017 | Viewed 1590  Comments 0 | Source Bill Fitzsimmons

HECD Phase V

by Bill Fitzsimmons
Phase V - HECD Lead - Bill Fitzsimmons

Opening Comments

  We have barely begun 2017 and our Phase IV Team is hard at work with grant applications, memorandums of understanding and collecting and ultimately distributing the funds to our cooperating partner in Honduras for distribution to selected clients who will benefit from microcredit loans. I know the phase IV team is targeting the spring of 2017 for the flow of funds to begin.

Phase V

  In the meantime our Phase V Team is already charging ahead. We had a planning and organizing meeting in December and an Insight Trip Potluck evening to give people more information about our April 2017 Insight Trip to Honduras.

Insight Trip

  As the first major event on our HECD Phase V calendar the Insight Trip is a valuable opportunity for us to connect with our partners in Honduras. We will view the critical work and hear the incredible stories of those whose lives we have changed for the better. Equally important, the Insight Trip provides us the time and perspective to plan and set priorities for Phase V and vet other possible projects for phase IV and future phases.

Phase V Focus

  In broad terms we anticipate that we will have two main areas of focus for Phase V, a water project and additional support for microcredit. Our water partner in Honduras has thousands of villages on a list needing access to clean water. They have completed 300 projects to date in a sustainable and responsible model that has transformed life for these villagers. 

A loan required for a larger sewing machine

Small Businesses

  Microcredit has multiple facets from community based trust groups and solidarity groups, through small individual loans up to the small entrepreneurs of the SME (small and medium size entrepreneur) sector who are helping create jobs. Specialty loans for smoke free eco stoves and solar panels also fall under the microcredit banner. We have boosted the capacity of our partner organizations and helped create loan fund pools. These loan pools continue to be loaned out over and over in a sustainable model that will help families to improve their lives well into the future.

Opportunity International

Our Insight Trip

  April 17 to April 22 will facilitate decisions on how we want our support utilized. We will make these decisions with consideration of the needs identified by our partners and the local people who best understand what are these critical needs. We will be seeking information around water project locations, community savings trust groups and other bottom of the pyramid initiatives, as well as SME progress, financial literacy and agricultural training initiatives.  I am excited to take on the project lead for Phase V and see firsthand how we are transforming lives in Honduras. If you have any questions or you would like to join us on the Insight trip in April please contact me Bill Fitzsimmons at bilfitz@gmail.com. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  If you would like to participate in this initiative in other ways our team needs a few more volunteers in specific areas including communications, website maintenance or special events coordinator. If you have a passion in these areas please contact me. 

Bill Fitzsimmons
1 403-201-7492

Team Lead, Phase V
Rotary Club of Calgary West
Honduras Community and Economic Development (HECD)

Insight Trip Printable Brochure and Application Form:


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