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Category: Microcredit | By RAGM, 29-May-2016 | Viewed 2964  Comments 0
There are many reasons why Rotarians join Rotary. As relayed by a DG recently we all have a  "Rotary Moment". That moment as a Rotarian where you realize that you can make a difference?it may be a difference in the life of a child in your district or a difference in the lives of a community a half a world away. No matter our project, no matter their location, Rotary brings people together. It creates relationships, builds bonds and makes the world just a little bit smaller. In this way, Rotary fosters a sense of hope that as Rotarians we can make an impact where we are needed and our Rotary bonds stretch across the globe. 

Today we reach out to share our sense of hope. A sense of hope that our Rotary family can help our RAGM family. Those who have visited our booth at the International Convention over the years, have hopefully had the pleasure of meeting one of our longest serving Directors, Deborah Lindholm, the Founder and CEO of Foundation for Women. 

Sadly, Deborah and the Foundation for Women are facing an incredible challenge. A challenge that without the support of Rotary may seem insurmountable. The challenge is the Ebola virus. Ebola has taken hold in Liberia and is having devastating effects on communities across the country. Serving most of the counties of Liberia,  the Foundation for Women family has also been affected, and sadly one of their leading members and a Center Manager contracted the disease and died on August 31. 

While like many organizations, the Foundation for Women faces day-to-day challenges, Deborah, the team of dedicated professionals at FFWL and their many NGO partners are committed to the people of Liberia during this unthinkable challenge. In this time of crisis, the Foundation for Women is even more committed to standing with the women who have taken out loans to start their own businesses, their children, extended families and community members. FFWL understands that microcredit is just one piece of a much bigger puzzle supported by access to education, health service, and strong community support. Often as Rotarians we look for organizations that are not only starting a project, but who are making a long-term commitment to a community. There are many great organizations that are doing this, but today we highlight this one. 

To learn more about this disease you can click on the link to a  PBS show "The world is losing the battle" to contain Ebola, a health official warns." http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/world-losing-battle-contain-ebola-health-official-warns/ or by checking out Foundation for Women's website at <www.foundationforwomen.org>. Here you can  listen to Deborah being interviewed on Fox 5 San Diego and read their blog "Letters for Liberia
Click on the Donation Page and help.  And any amount will assist.

Thank you.
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