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Maintaining Microcredit Relevance
Category: Microcredit | By CMC-2011, 9-Jul-2014 | Viewed 2861  Comments 0
437_395084116_4.jpgIt is always encouraging to see subsequent generations carrying on ideas that had merit in their day but needed to have newer ideas to remain relevant.

In this case the Calgary Microcredit Conference held over the last five years (and deferred to the Social Enterprise World Forum in 2013) has given way to a newly designed and focused event.

Improvements in this year's focus are subtle but important.

Changes include relocation to the Calgary Ambrose University College site with a large venue and good parking, plus a focus on multiple topics: 1) social enterprise, 2) corporate social responsibility and 3) sustainable domestic / international development.

While Rotarians were the initial target the audience grew to include a range of attendees from students to senior practitioners from the field of Microcredit. By hosting the Forum at Ambrose there is an obvious intention to strengthen the connection of students to responsible economic development. In a world where old guard members have been adapting slowly what better emphasis could there be than educating the next generation. Under these circumstances it should come as no surprise that this year's microcredit event of note is being called The Soul of the Next Economy.

For more details and access to this year's registration: http://www.nexteconomyforum.com/
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