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The Honduras Economic & Community Development Story - Introducing the Characters
Category: Microcredit | By BChinnery, 16-Jun-2014 | Viewed 2720  Comments 0
Map of Central America
In order to enjoy and appreciate a good story, we identify with the characters and get to know them.

Honduras is a character of it's own. A beautifully rugged Central American country. Situated just south of Mexico and Guatemala, it is a stunningly Caribbean, Spanish laced, tropical experience, filling your senses with smells and sights and sounds that are not to be missed. Music and laughter, people at work and play, children attending school, and everyone going about their business under the never-ending blue skies of paradise.

Like a child growing up and beginning to take charge of her life, Honduras is now emerging. She survived political unrest as recent as 2009, and now offers newly renovated, well organized airports, clean, shiny shopping malls, modern high rise apartment buildings, upscale hotels serving delicious meals, cell phone and Wi-Fi services, double-laned paved highways, and the hum of day to day life for those who choose to absorb all that is going on around them.

The child is developing her needs and the government is engaging more and more in its society - sustainable food programs for farmers, sustainable water systems for villagers high in the hills, functioning latrines and cleanliness programs for students at school and financial systems for large and small businesses, allowing the working poor to lift themselves up out of poverty, providing a better life for their families.

She is also a child who has suffered and continues to suffer. Honduras has the highest per capita murder rate in the world. Most of it due to the drug trade and high levels of domestic violence against women.

As well, In 1998, Hurricane Mitch caused such massive and widespread destruction that former Honduran President Carlos Roberto Flores claimed fifty years of progress in the country were reversed. Mitch obliterated about 70% of the crops and an estimated 70 - 80% of the transportation infrastructure, including nearly all bridges and secondary roads. Across the country, 33,000 houses were destroyed, an additional 50,000 damaged, some 5,000 people were killed and 12,000 injured, for a total loss estimated at $3 billion USD. (Wikipedia usgs.gov)

And so, within this backdrop of rugged county, its 8 million people, and Mother Nature, Honduras is the central character of this story. 

A group of Rotarians have visited this beautiful country several times in recent years. We have met, and are now working with, Rotarians there, including District Governor, Carmen Villalta. Together, we are making a difference and invite you to learn more with us about District 5360's Honduras Economic and Community Development Program (HECD).

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