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Rotarian Action Group For Microfinance & Community Development Call For Nominations
Category: Events | By SDR, 4-Apr-2014 | Viewed 3575  Comments 0

The leadership of the Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance & Community Development (RAGM) is seeking the input of RAGM members on the issue of Nominees for the RAGM Board of Directors.

The RAGM Nominations Committee seeks to complete its slate of nominations with the inclusion of one individual from Canada for the position of RAGM Communications Director for a three-year term (2014-2017).

If you would like to be considered by the Nominating Committee for this position on the slate, please send your name and a brief biography to the RAGM Nominations Chair Gordon Crann at gordon.crann@sympatico.ca.

To be considered you must be a resident of Canada, an active Rotarian and a RAGM member in good standing. Your information must be received by May 2, 2014 if you wish to be considered by the Committee. The Nominations Committee will develop the slate and share this information with the membership. Additional nominations may be made by the membership at this time, prior to the commencement of voting.

Communications on this matter should be sent to the attention of Gordon Crann, RAGM Nominations Chair, at: gordon.crann@sympatico.ca.
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