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Starting the Global Grant Application Process
Category: Microcredit | By BChinnery, 1-Feb-2014 | Viewed 2807  Comments 0
Microcredit Cheque Presentation - Honduras
When it comes to filling out forms and applications, my recommendation is to first print out a copy of all related documents from www.rotary.org and review them with your team members as a starting point.

The documentation will clearly guide you in a step by step fashion. I highly recommended to review and address ALL of the steps early on in order to avoid confusion or back-tracking at a future date.

You'll find yourself asking many of the right questions at the beginning.. 
- How much money do we need to get started?
- What exactly will the funds be used for?
- Which club(s) should apply for District Grant(s)?
- Are there other grants available that can be added to the funds pool?
- How much does the Host Rotary Club need to put in?
- How will the funds be monitored and reported on over time?

The answers to these questions will become clear based on your team's approach to the project. If you've identified the funds available, your application will be based on those figures. Alternatively, if you've identified the project first, then you'll need to solve for the funds required.

Included with the Foundation Grant Application documents are a monitoring plan and a financial supplement. These two documents will become your checklist for how you're doing over time and they form the basis of your reporting criteria back to the Foundation, so I recommend your team, the Host country's team, as well as the MFI, agree to these two documents early on and ensure they are correct.

By approaching your documentation from this direction, the rest of the application questions become much easier to address accurately and with confidence that your project plan works.

To put this in perspective, our team members, both in Canada and in Honduras, continue to email and phone regularly - and routinely cc team members to keep them well informed. The communications have gone a long way in strengthening the project's success.

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