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RFPD and MCH Area of Focus - VTT
Category: Population | By RFPD, 11-Sep-2013 | Viewed 3764  Comments 0 | Source Fragile Earth Special Convention Issue
Vocational Training Team Districts 1120 & 3240
RFPD's role as a Rotary resource for Maternal and Child Health (MCH) received a significant leap forward at the RI Convention in Lisbon. Prof.

Hamid Rushwan, Chief Executive of RFPD's collaborator, FIGO (International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics), heaped praise on the quality and success of RFPD's flagship program in Nigeria. Another significant milestone of RFPD's stewardship in MCH, was a Vocational Training Team visit from District 1120 (England) to District 3240 (Sikkim in India) in April 2013. A visiting team of six obstetricians and gynecologists from England trained 13 professionals as "Master Trainers", who further trained 19 professionals and 39 health workers at the grass roots level, through a cascading effect. At the convention, a specialized VTT workshop was organized.

The booth on VTT- Organized by Districts 1120 and 3240 - proved popular with attendees. An estimated 900 people stopped by the VTT booth and showed interest. Many senior Rotary Leaders also dropped by our booth. We distributed approximately 1800 leaflets and had enquires about the implementation of a Global Grant VTT model. The posters and other pictorial displays in the booth helped us to explain workings of a VTT as a relatively simple task. Exchange of ideas and fellowship made our visit to Lisbon memorable and enjoyable.
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