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Rotary Project In Nigeria is a MASTERPIECE
Category: Population | By RFPD, 11-Sep-2013 | Viewed 4508  Comments 0 | Source Fragile Earth Special Convention Issue
Professor Hamid Rushwan, Dr. Rekha Shetty and Buck Lindsay enjoy dinner at the RFPD Annual General Meeting that took place on June 23rd at Hotel Tivoli Oriente

Professor Hamid Rushwan, Dr. Rekha Shetty and Buck Lindsay enjoy dinner at the RFPD Annual General Meeting that took place on June 23rd at Hotel Tivoli Oriente

At the 2013 RI Convention in Lisbon the CEO of FIGO, Prof. Hamid Rushwan, regarded the Rotary pilot project "Quality Assurance in Obstetrics in a Comprehensive Approach" at RFPD's Annual General Meeting as a 'masterpiece' for reducing maternal and newborn mortality. RFPD and FIGO signed a Memorandum of Understanding in October 2012, aiming at joining forces and using synergies within our common goal of sustainably improving maternal and child health. Prof. Hamid Rushwan was invited to our AGM 2013 as a keynote speaker and informed about "The Role of FIGO in Global Women's Health". He mentioned FIGO's dedication to the improvement of women's health and rights and to the reduction of disparities in health care available to women and newborns. FIGO represents 125 Member Societies all over the world. FIGO's main areas of focus are: maternal and neonatal mortality and morbidity, unmet need for contraception, teenage pregnancy and adolescent sexual and reproductive health - all areas in which RFPD has been initiating and supporting projects for years. Prof. Rushwan said: "A woman's death or illness has severe consequences for the health of her children, family and community". He outlined that every day, approximately 800 women die from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth, with 99 per cent of deaths occurring in developing countries. He added that nearly all maternal deaths are preventable through timely pre-natal and post-natal care, skilled birth attendance and the availability of emergency care and that the health benefits of spacing/limiting births is well known.

As Areas for collaboration between RFPD and FIGO he presented:

The promotion of maternal and newborn health in underserved populations in low-and middle-resource countries;

Advocacy efforts at international, regional and national levels towards accelerating efforts to achieve MDGs 4 and 5, as well as to implement Rotary's area of focus: 'Maternal and Child Health':

Encouraging efforts at national levels between FIGO member associations and Rotary Clubs to implement projects for improving maternal and newborn health to underserved populations in these countries.

Prof. Rushwan visited the RFPD booth at the convention and spoke with visitors. The CEO of FIGO, Prof. Rushwan, and the CEO of RFPD, Robert Zinser, had discussions in Lisbon about joint activities and agreed upon:

Issuing joint advocacy statements for the provision of maternal and newborn health and increasing resources to be disseminated through FIGO and Rotary websites and newsletters;

Writing letters to FIGO's national affiliates and RI clubs and districts in countries with a high burden of maternal and child mortality and morbidity to collaborate in developing and implementing agreed work plans and HQ reporting.
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