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A Letter From Our Chairperson
Category: Population | By RFPD, 11-Sep-2013 | Viewed 3514  Comments 0 | Source Fragile Earth Special Convention Issue
Rekha Shetty - RFPD Chairperson
Dear RFPD Family,

The RFPD Annual General Meeting, or AGM, was held in a room facing the ocean on a beautiful full moon night. Over a hundred members were present and stayed on for hours afterwards planning projects, and discussing RFPD goals. RI President Nominee Gary Huang delivered an impactful address on Rotary's concern on Maternal and Child Health and the membership was captivated by our keynote speaker; Professor Hamid Rushwan, CEO of The International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics (FIGO). The following is a touch of what I shared that evening â¦

This, my first year as your chairperson, has been exciting and interesting, with an enthusiastic CEO, Robert Zinser, my committed Board and Executive Director Melissa Willis making it so. After years of ambivalence, Maternal and Child Health with family planning, has been recognized as one of Areas of focus of Rotary International. During these years, all the RAGs and RI recognized RFPD as the RAG that would be a resource for Maternal and Child Health.

Rotary is, for the first time, openly talking about family planning:

80% of maternal deaths could be prevented with access to reproductive health services

Fragile Earth February 2012 reported another most important step for us in RFPD's history: RFPD can be very proud of becoming recognized as a resource in the Maternal and Child Health focus. RI recognized the hard work of RFPD in the past. Our model projects dealing with Maternal Health were officially acknowledged! This fact is a great challenge for all of us. The three breakout sessions in the Convention are a testimony to our position as a RI resource for Maternal and Child Health.

This year, the RFPD Board met regularly on monthly Skype calls. In the coming year, the board
plans to host more Skype calls and make improvement to the website which will ensure that more of you can share your thoughts.

We are working to strengthen and give better structure to our regional teams. We are in touch with every District Governor in the world and are looking forward to an even more global RFPD. I believe the two years ahead are full of promise and I look forward to hearing from each of you about projects, membership, and success.

For the first time, we made our AGM an exciting ticketed event, one that wont be soon forgotten. The Sydney Convention will undoubtedly be held in an extraordinary location with unforgettable speakers as well. Tickets to this event will be offered early this fall and you will want to grab them early, as they won't last long!

The convention this year brought its usual gift of friendship and projects. I am looking forward to
another extraordinary year saving lives and building happy families in 2013-2014.

With best wishes,
Rekha Shetty - RFPD Chairperson
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