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Opportunity To Join A Microcredit Global Grant Project - Ecuador, South America
Category: Microcredit | By RAGM, 19-Jul-2013 | Viewed 4019  Comments 0
Here is an opportunity to learn more about microcredit and Rotary Global Grants without having to do all the work.

Ecuadorian Rotarians need your help to assist some of their poorest people.  This new microcredit Global Grant project will help people living in extreme poverty.  Poverty level in this area of Ecuador is 95% with 50% of the people living on less than 50 cents US per day. 

Why should you support this microcredit project?

It will allow people who are receiving little or no assistance from the government or other groups to help themselves.

Mothers will have the money to feed their children and send them to school.

Two previous small Rotary microcredit grants to people living in extreme poverty in this area were paid back 100%.  The money is being loaned out again and again.  Plus, borrowers have now saved money!

Who are these people you will be helping?

They live in an area in the north of Esmeraldas province.  Silvia is the mother of four children, separated from their father, living with her parents and siblings - a total of 10 people in their small home.  Like many in her village, the family fishes with a canoe, cleans the fish and sells them in the area.  With her loans, she has bought two more canoes with outboard motors.

Maria and Marcelina, age 30 and 29, used their loans to buy second hand motors for wooden canoes.  They and their husbands are hopeful for larger catches and a wider variety of fish.  Thanks to the new income from their credit group loans, all of their children go to school.

Siria is 60.  Her husband is a farmer.  She had a small stationary shop. She has taken out four loans to expand her shop and now earns $100 per month.  She is also starting a small bed and breakfast in her home.

Others have used their loans to open small eating establishments at their home, to outfit shops, to buy implements to do hair and many other types of very small businesses.

In addition to loans, each credit group gets ongoing training.  The training sessions vary from business math to ways to prevent intra-family violence or reproductive health information.
These are people willing to work hard who just need an opportunity.  YOU CAN GIVE THEM THAT OPPORTUNITY!

Will our money be well used and monitored?

Yes! For the Rotary Club of Quito Occidente (District 4400) this will be their third Rotary microcredit grant project.  Likewise for their non-profit operating agency, FUDECE.  Read more about FUDECE at http://fudece.org/content/view/21/83/.

The Rotary District 5150 Microcredit Committee in the USA will be assisting in the development of this global grant project, which is open to any interested Rotary club, District and/or individual who would like to participate. This will be District 5150's seventh Rotary grant for microcredit in South and Central America.  In addition to preparing the required paperwork, they will also be involved in monitoring the progress of the grant and the funding.  Partners will receive internet progress reports and updates.  Partners will have an opportunity to visit the project in Ecuador depending on space available.

This is an opportunity for you and your club to be part of a Rotary project that allows people to feed themselves, care for their children and develop pride in their own abilities.

The goal of this new grant project is to open 10 or more credit groups for 300+ families, and to provide basic technical training to the participants. As the loans are repaid the funds are loaned again; so that borrowers can expand their businesses or so new borrowers can participate. 

The goal is a minimum $100,000 global grant and almost half had been raised by the beginning of Rotary year 2013-14.

While this project is now fully funded, for information on how you, your club or your Rotary District can participate in projects like this, contact Past District Governor Holly Axtell at axtellhol@aol.com.  Please put "Rotary Microcredit" in the subject line of the email.

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