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RAGM Board is bigger and better than ever
Category: Microcredit | By RAGM, 12-Jul-2013 | Viewed 4417  Comments 0
James Louttit Chair & President
The new Board of RAGM was installed during our Annual General Meeting at no better place than the Rotary International Convention in Lisbon, Portugal.  President and Chair Jim Louttit welcomed the new Board and vowed to raise the bar on inclusiveness.  He stated "with the combined areas of expertise and commitment of each Board member during this coming year, we can only continue to be successful and strong in moving RAGM forward with our goals and I look forward to working with all of you".  His comments came on the heels of announcing that the larger Board, now consisting of 25 Directors, was assembled from around the world.  To be globally inclusive Jim will have his hands full and will certainly need the help of all 550 RAGM members.  Help will look like finding opportunities for Microfinance and Community Development to move to the forefront.  With the increased emphasis on sustainability found throughout the Future Vision Plan and now that all Districts are non-pilot districts, the demand for help is expected to increase.  As Board Member Marilyn Fitzgerald, author of an excellent reference on self-sustaining projects, "If I Had a Water Buffalo", points out (in an accompanying RAGM article), a 20-year donor does not match the definition of sustainability.

The complete list of the Board, their geographical homeland and their length of term plus their area of interest is set out herein.  Please review the list and take the time to identify one or more Director with whom you may be able to identify a project and send them an email with a question or comment.  Directors are volunteers chosen for their knowledge and passion for RAGM.  Remember, there are no foolish questions, just answers that haven't yet been shared.

James Louttit, Chair & President
Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Ashok Mahajan, Vice-Chair & President Elect
Greater Mumbai - India

Mike McCullough, President Nominee
Trenton, Michigan - USA

Wilf Wilkinson, Treasurer
Trenton, Ontario - Canada

Enzo Martinelli, Secretary
London, England - United Kingdom

Gordon Crann, Past President
Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Wally Gardiner, Communications Director
High River, Alberta - Canada

Cassandra Bradley, Community Development Director
Laconia, New Hampshire - USA

Ulhas Kolhatkar, Conferences Director
Greater Mumbai - India

Larry Wright, Developed World Microfinance Director
Taylor, Michigan - USA

Yves Fecteau, Francophone Outreach Director
Quebec City, Quebec - Canada

Aziz Memon, Funds Development Director
Karachi - Pakistan

Keith Axtell, Grants & TRF Coordinator Director
San Francisco Bay Area, California - USA

Antonio Lico, Micro Agribusiness & Membership Director
Rome - Italy

Carlos Yturzaeta, Regional Outreach to East Asia Director

John Ayliffe, Regional Outreach to Europe Director
Lignieres - Switzerland

Annemarie Pallister, Regional Outreach to Latin America & Caribbean Director
Toronto, Ontario - Canada

Nadim Matraji, Regional Outreach to Middle East & North Africa Director
Beirut - Lebanon

Janice Reid, Regional Outreach to Oceania Director
Greater Sydney Area, NSW - Australia

A.S. Venkatesh, Regional Outreach to South Asia Director
Chennai - India

Philip Katamba, Regional Outreach to Sub-Saharan Africa Director
Kampala - Uganda

Marilyn Fitzgerald, Research & Social Business Director
Traverse City, Michigan - USA

Deborah Lindholm, Speakers Bureau Director
La Jolla, California - USA

Bill Gray, Strategic Partnerships Director
Kingston, Ontario - Canada

Sergio Bortolani, Training Information & Volunteers Director
Turin - Italy

2013 - 2014 RAGM Directors - 3 June 2013
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