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Improve your project's sustainability
Category: Social Development | By RAGM, 4-Jul-2013 | Viewed 4259  Comments 0 | Original Source
Marilyn Fitzgerald
In the July 2013 edition of Rotary Leaders a video article by author and microcredit expert Marilyn Fitzgerald stands out because of its clarity on sustainability. It is true that having a 20 year donor is not the same as creating a sustainable program. Leadership from all participants - donor, operator, rotary clubs, community and client - help create a holistic and sustainable result.

Marilyn's work as Research and Social Business Director for the Rotarian Action Group for Microfinance and Community Development (RAGM) Board, has allowed her to personally witness the positive results of microfinance and social business projects as the advantages of entrepreneurship continue through generations.  The systems of microfinance and social business are intrinsically rooted in the foundation of producing a sustainable impact.  Microfinance incorporates the key elements of choice through self-selection and offered through loan capital, education, and mentorship.  The participants in these programs earn income that provides education, accompanied with improved health and nutrition, all having a positive impact on their families.  The larger advantage of microfinance and social business include economic community development as voiced through the entrepreneurs.  As major stakeholders in the project, aspiring entrepreneurs help determine the most significant assets and resources appropriate for expansion as they build on existing assets and resources. 

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