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2013 Rotary International Convention - Lisbon Portugal
Category: Population | By RFPD, 10-Jun-2013 | Viewed 4927  Comments 0

Welcome to Lisbon,

Our whole extended family in India is thrilled with the birth of our first granddaughter, Ira! At this time, I am especially proud and happy to belong to RFPD. We at RFPD can be proud to be involved in saving the lives of mothers, their children and building happy families. RFPD has been helping women and children, creating happy families since 1995 through projects worth US $ 23.5 million all over the world.

RFPD has been selected by the other Rotarian Action Groups as the leading RAG for 'Maternal and Child Health.' Rotary International refers to RFPD as a resource for 'Maternal and Child Health' (alongside the Aga Khan University), one of the new areas of focus of Rotary's Future Vision Plan. This is our opportunity as RFPD members, to arm ourselves with the knowledge and resources to carry out this task which will result in saving the lives of millions of women and children.

Every day, another 200,000 people are added to the world's dinner table, and unless fertility rates drop faster than expected, that trend will continue for some time to come. And many of those additional mouths to feed are being born in countries that are already heavily dependent on external food aid for survival. Some countries, like Niger and Burkina Faso, could triple their populations by midcentury.

The AGM and dinner in Lisbon on Sunday, 23rd June 2013, is your chance to meet and network with men and women around the world, who are committed to these projects. You may find sponsors and recipients.

With best wishes and regards,
Rekha Shetty,
RFPD Chairperson

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