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Book review - Ripples From The Zambezi by Ernesto Siroli
Category: Social Development | By RAGM, 8-Jun-2013 | Viewed 4063  Comments 0
In the increasingly difficult economic climate to start a business Ernesto Sirolli says, one needs to NOT work alone. Advocates are needed in many walks of life and entrepreneurs are no different. Business people can be talented in producing a tremendous product and capable of generating brilliant marketing but they also need strong financial management. Ernesto recognizes that few, if any have all three capabilities. By offering aid to those exhibiting unusual passion, Ernesto has helped, over an extensive career, start 40,000 businesses in 300 communities.

Ripples From The Zambezi by Ernesto Siroli

After six years of economic development work in Africa, Ernesto Sirolli witnessed how little most foreign aid programs were actually doing for the people they hoped to help-from creating a communal tomato field on the banks of the Zambezi river (only to be demolished by the river's hippos at harvest time) to donating snow-plows to African nations! However well intentioned, Sirolli points out, inappropriate development often creates more problems than it solves.

Thus was the genesis of this exciting and unique alternative to traditional economic development termed "Enterprise Facilitation"- where depressed communities can build hope and prosperity by first helping individuals to recognize their talents and business passion, and then providing the skills to transform their dreams into meaningful and rewarding work.

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