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Canada is hosting The Social Enterprise World Forum! October 2 - 4, 2013
Category: Social Development | By RAGM, 27-Aug-2016 | Viewed 1929  Comments 0
Leveraging Markets and Innovations to Solve Social Problems

A Global Gathering

The 2013 Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) will bring together 1,200 individuals from more than 30 countries and speakers from more than 20 countries.  Attendees will come from diverse backgrounds - social enterprise practitioners from all sectors, traditional non-profits, for-profit businesses, philanthropists, intrapreneurs, the public sector, support agencies, funders and investors, consultants, indigenous groups, and students - but all share a dedication to resolving the world's most complex and confounding social challenges.

For more information visit the SEWF website: http://www.socialenterpriseworldforum.org/sample-page
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