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Twenty years of accomplishments - Uniendo America
Category: Microcredit | By Editor, 16-Mar-2013 | Viewed 3545  Comments 0
Carlos Gardel, with his incomparable voice, sang to us!

Our Project Fair, "Uniendo America-Uniting America", has just turned twenty; twenty years of promoting friendship among Rotarians of Central America and the world, as well as supporting the needy with Rotarian vision and effort.

If Rotary is friendship with the opportunity to serve, then the Uniendo Project Fair serves every year to present these values and ideals to Rotarians. Rotarians from Canada and the United States say goodbye to cold northern January climes, and are welcomed by Rotarians from one of the seven countries that make up  Central America;  to share with them information about the poverty of our people, our pride, our dignity and especially, our friendship.

With anticipation and joy, year after year, we await the pilgrimage of Rotary friends-past, present and future-to "sell" our projects-which basically are nothing more than the hopes, dreams and aspirations of thousands of Central Americans. To those-who have crossed borders, barriers and thousands of miles to bring their hearts and the help that we need, we are grateful!. In return we can offer only sincere friendship, a few smiles and some tears of happiness. 

Not everything is easy, and of course, all good things have a price-but when one belongs to a Rotarian army dedicated to peace and is one of one million, two hundred thousand soldiers who are at war against poverty, disease and ignorance, we know that things cost. When we say "yes" to Rotary, we embrace the concept of Service before Self.  With our hearts, we say "yes" to friendship, we say "yes" to service and we say "yes" to humanity.

I know of no better instrument than the Uniendo Project Fair to fulfill our mission of friendship through service. We could talk about the millions of dollars we have received through the Project Fair. We could count the many good friends we have in other places, but we prefer to look forward and take note of the communities that we are helping. That's what we do and why we are.

I know of no better instrument to remind us that we are not a club in a rural area or a big city, or Rotarians from a small or large country. As Rotarians, we belong to the world. Far beyond a country, a continent or a district, we are part of a world that crosses borders, languages, religions, races and ideologies. The Project Fair is, has been, and will be, a role model- our gift to the world-, because we know we will not win this war alone today, nor will we win it tomorrow. We're going to have to fight with the best forces that we have, to reach the places where poverty, disease and ignorance continue to thrive. We live Rotary, and we change lives.

We hope to see you all, God willing, in Antigua, Guatemala next year!

Fabio Carbollo
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