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RFPD Annual General Meeting & Fellowship Dinner in Lisbon
Category: Population | By RFPD, 14-Mar-2013 | Viewed 5880  Comments 0
VIII Colina

Rotarian Action Group for Population & Development, Rotary's Resource for Maternal & Child Health    
invites you to:

Annual General Meeting and Fellowship Dinner
Sunday, 23rd,June 2013 - 18:00

Venue : Hotel Tivoli Oriente, Panoramic Room VIII Colina, Lisbon

Located at Parque das Nacoes, opposite to Vasco da Gama shopping centre and right next to the Lisbon International Fairground (FIL). 

The Panoramic Room VIII Colina is located at the hotel's top floor.     
Guests will enjoy a magnificent view of the Parque das Nacoes.

Dinner will be a "Flavours of the World" Buffet including dishes from Japan, Italy, Germany, Greece, India, France and more. 

Also includes Wine, Beer, Coffee & Dessert

Cost:  67US/50.Euros

Pay in Advance for a reduced rate!

In addition, early registrants will be entered into a raffle to receive a unique wordly gift!

After April 1, the price will increase to 74US/ 55.Euros

Email rfpd.hq@rifpd.org for your registration and payment form.

This is your opportunity to enjoy an exclusive  dinner in a beautiful location with a wonderful view and fellowship with RFPD volunteers from all over the world!
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