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Rotary needs your vote for Charity Miles!
Category: Other | By RFPD, 13-Dec-2012 | Viewed 4069  Comments 1 | Source Rotary International
Vote for Rotary in United's 10 million miles giveaway - Rotary is in Second place now

Rotary is now in Second place in United's 10 Million Miles Giveaway with with more than 58,000 votes. In the first place is Shriners Hospitals for Children with approximately 60,000 votes.

Thanks to your votes last year, United's Charity Miles have provided transportation for Rotary's Gift of Life surgical teams, which traveled to Haiti and El Salvador so volunteer doctors and nurses could perform life-saving heart surgery for children and train local doctors.

Charity Miles were also used to send volunteers to help immunize children against polio. Worldwide, Rotary has helped prevent more than 5 million children from getting polio, and our fight isn't over.

Rotarians used airline miles to make a difference from flying children to another country for lifesaving surgeries or flying volunteers to another country to immunize children against polio.

Rotarians can use Charity Miles to change lives by helping with humanitarian projects and for financially disadvantaged Rotary Youth Exchange students.

Vote at http://10millioncharitymiles.com/
You can vote everyday until December 25th!

Don't just vote yourself, pass this message to your friends!
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RFPD, 13-Dec-2012
Rotary is now n 1st place!  Thanks voters!!
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