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Calgary Microcredit Conference Video
Category: Microcredit | By CMC-2011, 17-Nov-2012 | Viewed 6744  Comments 0
John Hatch
If we had the length of service plus the credentials, and the passion of the Founder of FINCA, we may be as quotable as John Hatch. More to the point we would have the credibility when citing statistics. John said at the Calgary Microcredit Conference and is quoted in the attached video that globally there are now only 9,000 children a day dying of hunger and malnutrition related diseases. This is less than satisfactory but eminently better than the 40,000 dying daily when John began his career 35 years ago. The economic engine which has powered this modern day transformation includes the far reaching and rapidly growing power of Microcredit.

A second conference speaker, Sara Arthurs from Alberta Community Cooperatives Association, also captured on video, pointed out the basic underpinnings of the cooperative movement. Sara used a handy prop - a full scale box and seven audience porters willing to carry in the large box and dawn "T" shirts each one supporting an individual pillar of a healthy cooperative venture.

This 9 minute video of the 2012 Calgary Microcredit Conference will give the viewer a sense of the events of the day, the topics and speakers. John Stead graciously volunteered his time and talents in the preparation of this video clip, and we are eternally grateful.

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