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Child Haven Orphanage & School Upgrade program, Kathmandu, Nepal
Category: Service Projects | By Editor, 8-Nov-2012 | Viewed 5116  Comments 0
In Arubari, Jorpati, Kathmandu, Nepal - Child Haven International aims to provide better quality facilities at Child Haven and thus improving the quality of life for day to day activities at the home. These two expected outcomes are part of a larger program of upgrades. Funding may be sought for other aspects of the programupon receipt of photographs and written reports on the  completion of these three initiatives.

Child Haven International was founded by Bonnie and Fred Cappuccino in 1985. It runs 6 homes in India, 1 in Nepal, 1 in Bangladesh and 1 in Tibet, and looks after over 1400 children until they reach maturity. Child Haven provides shelter, education from nursery through postsecondary, food, emotional and medical care, empowers women with literacy and tailoring programs and has Soyacow and bio-gas projects.

Unofficially started in Nepal in 1992, officially in 1994, Child Haven moved to its current location in 2001. Green Tara Child Haven School was built in 2006 and run by local staff. Over 90% of CHI resources go directly to programming, 100% of funds donated go to programming.

In Nepal we help 105 children at the home, 248 children have sponsored education, 199 women have completed the tailoring course, 166 people have received computer training, we fund 43 families for food and health care, and provide assistance to needy children though 6 carefully
chosen other organizations.



  • Bio-gas
  • Solar back-up power
  • Graduates giving back to the home

Needs Analysis

  • Fans for school
  • Solar back-up energy for school
  • Solar water heating system
  • General periodic home upgrades
  • Water reservoir tank
  • Pedal systemfor Soyacow
  • Graduate transition program
  • Additional floor on school building for auditorium

Cost Analysis

  • Fans for school $300
  • Solar back-up energy for school $500
  • Solar water heating system $2000
  • General periodic home upgrades $5000
  • Water reservoir tank $5000
  • Pedal system for Soyacow $6000
  • Graduate transition program $12 000
  • Additional floor on school building for auditorium $110 000
  • Total costs $140 800


  • Fans for school ~ $300
  • Solar back-up for school ~ $500
  • Solar water heating system ~ $2000
  • Water reservoir tank ~ $5000
  • Graduate transition program ~ $12 000
  • Total ~ $19 800

Open the Child Haven Funding Application for Rotary Clubs - one-page summary.

Open the detailed Child Haven Funding Summary

To become a supporter of this project please contact

Arjun mani Guragain


Steve Rickard,
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